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Composition and care

Characteristics of wood :

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Wood is used for the construction of:

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Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules – A natural solution to gaining weight, Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules help the body absorb more macronutrients and regulate its hyperactive metabolism. This in turn increases the bone mass, muscle mass, and bone matrix which led to an increase in overall body weight. Moreover, it also encourages body growth while enhancing the functioning of vital organs, energy levels, and metabolism. Offered in the market with the brand name Gain Mantra, these capsules are available at the Best Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules Manufacturer in India, Arlak Ayurveda.

Uses of Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules

Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules are a natural remedy to gain weight without any unwanted side effects on the body. These capsules are formulated with 100% authentic herbal ingredients including Draksha, Shatavari, Sariva, Kharjura, Ashwagandha, Pippali, Maricha, Saunth, Gokshura, and Amalaki. Together, all these natural ingredients promote healthy weight growth by balancing all the doshas in the body as well as improving generalized body weakness. Here are the uses of Ayurvedic Weight Gain Capsules:

  1. Helps in gaining weight naturally.
  2. Makes the immune system strong.
  3. Improves diet or appetite.
  4. Boosts muscle growth.
  5. Acts on overall health.
  6. Improves metabolism and decreases oxidative stress.
  7. Strengthens inner muscles of blood vessels.
  8. Offers a healthy-looking shape to the body.

Ingredients Present in Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules


  1. Reduces weakness and fatigue.
  2. Improves general metabolism.
  3. Promotes quick weight gain.


  1. Prevents the build-up of toxins.
  2. Remove the waste & toxins from the body.
  3. Fights against external and internal infections.


  1. Improves appetite.
  2. Contains blood purifying properties.
  3. Fastens the digestive process of the body.


  1. Enhances bone health.
  2. Provides energy to the body.
  3. Helps in gaining a healthy weight.


  1. Builds muscle mass.
  2. Provides sufficient nutrition to the body.
  3. Increases strength and endurance.


  1. Builds proper muscles.
  2. Helps in reducing Ama.
  3. Improves appetite and digestion.


  1. Manages gas and bloating.
  2. Stimulates key organs.
  3. Increases the feeling of hunger.


  1. Increases energy level and stamina.
  2. Strengthens the bones and muscles.
  3. Enhances physical and mental energy levels.


  1. Raises testosterone levels.
  2. Improves performance of the exercise.
  3. Boosts muscle mass.


  1. Contains high fiber content.
  2. Relieves constipation.
  3. Avoids gas and bloating.

General Guidelines

Here are the general directions and guidelines that you must follow while using Gain Mantra Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules:

  1. Take Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules (6g) twice a day with warm milk.
  2. Use these capsules for the complete course prescribed to ensure the best results.
  3. Do not use these capsules without consulting the doctor if you have a sensitivity to ayurvedic or herbal medications.

Side Effects

Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules are mild and gentle in nature and thus, they do not cause many adverse effects. These capsules are made with natural ingredients and do not include any harsh chemicals which promote a healthy weight gain – naturally. However, over usage, inappropriate usage, or longer than prescribed usage may result in certain side effects for the user. This is why it is advised to take these capsules under the prescribed dosage of the doctor.  The side effects associated with these Ayurvedic Capsules include the following:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Upset Stomach
  3. Vomiting

These side effects are generally temporary and go away over time. But, if you think these are taking longer to resolve, consult your healthcare specialist.


  1. Can Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules be used by both men and women?

Yes, Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules are safe and effective to use for both men as well as women to gain weight in a natural way.

2. Can Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules be given to children?

No, Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Capsules are best for adult usage and not advised to be given to children if not prescribed by the child’s doctor.

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