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Arlak Hair Wealth Tablets (Best Hair Growth Tablets For Men & Women)



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Hair Growth Tablets - Buy Hair growth Tablets Online @ cheap rates in India of Arlak from HealthBuffet & get Hair regrowth tablets with free shipping with COD.
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About Arlak Hair Wealth Tablets | Best Hair Growth and Regrowth Tablets in India for Both Men & Women

Buy Hair growth Tablets Online (For Men & Women) @ Cheap rates from HealthBuffet in India - Arlak Hair Wealth hair growth tablets is an exciting product for to increase the growth of hairs. It consists of Biotin, Arginine, Cysteine, Lysine, Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Extracts which helps in natural growth of hairs. It has proven formula to increase the growth of hairs but also makes your hairs more manageable and shiny. So if you are looking for best hair growth products or supplement then buy hair growth tablets for natural regrowth of hairs then try Arlak Hair wealth tablets once and see the best results.

Hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dryness, oiliness are quite common. The reason behind this is the unhealthy lifestyle we have adapted to. Arlak Hair wealth tablets available at HealthBuffet is your one stop solution to all the hair related problems. You can easily trust this product for better results on the hair. So, go ahead and now buy this product if hair problems are troubling you.

Does Hair Growth Tablets are Particular type of Medicine which need doctor prescription?

Well No, Arlak hair wealth tablet is not any hair growth medicine. You can use it without any doctor prescription. It consists of natural ingredients which help you in removing all the issues related to falling of hairs and increase its growth.

Usage Tips for These Tablets

To unleash the best benefits of this product then you have to take One tablet on daily basis.


Keep this product stored in a cool & dry place. One thing keep in mind that you have to protect from direct sunlight in order to increase its durability and results.

Benefits of Arlak Hair growth Tablets For Men & Women

There are several benefits which one can get after using Arlak Wealth Tablets for hair growth and are as mentioned below

  • These Tablets helps in increasing natural growth of hairs.
  • It also makes your hairs more soft, shiny and manageable.
  • These Tablets has protective nutrients which help in diminishing the breakage due to medications, chemical processing or different treatment of hairs.
  • It helps in Combating the signs of aging and helpful in giving you luxurious and younger looking hairs.

So if you want to buy hair growth tablets at cheap rates in India then you have to try Arlak Hair wealth tablets for men and women once. You can get best results and get rid of all types of problems like falling of hairs.

NOTE:These tablets are made up of natural ingredient which helps in healthy growth of hairs. But as we all know the growth of hairs or regrowth depends on inheritance factors also. So consult specialist for hairs first if you are facing problems of heavy falling of hairs.


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  1. Better Review by Nehya

    Better product for hair !!!!

  2. Contains Protective Nutrients Review by Divi

    Contains Protective nutrients which help in diminishing the breakage due to medications, chemical processing or different treatment of hairs........

  3. Natural Hair growth product Review by Robila

    It will help you to grow your hair naturally without any side effect !!!!!!

  4. Healthy and shiny hairs Review by Sanya

    My hairs were becoming dull day by day.. Then i see this product and i ordered. After taking this product on daily basis my hair becomes shiny , healthy and manageable !!!!!!

  5. must buy product Review by Ruchi

    this is an amazing product by Arlak i have been using their other products as well and they are equally effective give the best result. It is a trusted brand by many and products of Arlak are undoubtedly best.
    If we about about these tablets of Arlak Hair Wealth then this is again the best product by them. It is affordable, people are liking it because of its ability to reduce hair fall and help in the growth of new one.
    If you do not believe me you can check or try it by your self if won't disappoint you i can say this thing.

    Go for this product if you want to get your shiny, long and thick hair back its worth trying.

  6. very good Review by Suchika

    the product is really very good, i almost lost my hair and this made my life miserable, i was ashamed of going out with my family in functions. i missed a lot of functions during those days. that time was horrible for me, I dun use to see mirror i was not having guts to do so, then my daughter suggest me this one day she was very confident about the results and i stated using the product started having these tablets and i was shocked with the result within few days of using this product my hair started look good, i mean the hair fall was reduced. I want to thank the maker of this product.

  7. good Review by Siya

    the product very good and you can completely trust on the product. there is no other product like this available in market. this is amazing the tablets are really effective on the growth of hair
    and helps in reducing hair fall.
    my hair were very weak and damaged due to use of hard chemicals over them. but this product which include tablets has been proven really very effective on my hair, i can see the difference and very happy by this product. this has given me the hair back. I truly admire these tablets and would suggest you to try the same if you are tired of using others. Nothing could match thi product.

  8. got my hair back Review by Rachna

    before using this product i have tried number of product available in market for protection against hair fall but non of them worked on me. i just wasted my money over those product. than my friend suggested me this Arlak hair wealth product. The moment i start using these tablets, i started feeling the difference my hair were falling less than before. i could not express in words how great i felt at that time. this is really a amazing product at very affordable prices.

  9. BEST IN MARKET Review by sunaina

    this product is the best product available in the market, i have seen the result, this was the only product which worked on me and believe me i have tried may but noting could match this.

  10. love this one Review by Sonia

    the product was delivered on time, it was packed properly and the quality of the product is very good. i was amazed by the result of these tablets.


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Composition Present in Arlak Hair Growth Tablets
Each tablet contains 
Energy1.056kcalEssentials Vitamins 
Protein0.198 gVitamin C40 mg
fat 0.00gNiacinaqmide15mg
sugar0.00gVitamin E5 mg
Glutamic acid61.8mgCalcium Pantothenate5 mg
DL-Methionine40mgFolic Acid150 mcg
Aspartic acid36.2mg  
Leucine23.8gEssential minerals 
Arginine23.5mgCalcium Pantothenate100 mg
Lysine19.6gMagnesium50 mg
Proline16mgIron14 mg
Serine16mgZinc10 mg
Phenylalanine16mgManganese5 mg
Isoleucine14.6mgCopper1.7 mg
Valine14mgSelenium40 mcg
Glycine12.8mgNatural Extracts 
Tyrosine11.9mgGrape Seed Extract20 mg
Histidine7.7 mg  
Cystine3.9 mg