How To Use Turmeric For Joint Pain

How To Use Turmeric For Joint Pain – Are you suffering from joint pain? Want a desi nuskha for solving this problem? Do you think of utilizing turmeric for this purpose? One of the known and beneficial medicinal remedies is turmeric. Whenever it comes to healing, the first thing that strikes the mind is turmeric. Want to know how to use turmeric for joint pain? In this article, we will know about it.

The effective yellow herb is used as a culinary spice, home remedy to even cure many of the diseases of skin problems. Our earlier ancestors used it as a remedy to cure a variety of joint pain problems. They are still in practice. Know how to use turmeric for joint pain! There are many remedies to solve every of your joint pain issue.

 How To Use Turmeric For Joint Pain

How Is Turmeric Useful For Joint Pain?

Turmeric has been used since ages. The Chinese and Indian tradition of medicine used it intensively. The scientific name of turmeric is Curcuma Longa or Curcuma Domestica. In India, we call it Haldi which is a household name. They are initially a herb of the ginger family. They are mainly used as powders which can be found in every household.

The turmeric has many properties which have found beneficial. If you are suffering from arthritis, osteoarthritis (OA), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) etc, it works miracles. Get in touch with its properties which make it good for joint pain.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties.
  • Quick Healing Properties.
  • Anti-Fungal Properties.
  • Curcumin is the main property. It helps relief the pain faster.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties

There are many other properties which help in joint pain relief. Thus, you can rely on joint pain remedies for complete relief.

Tips For Using Turmeric!

Using remedies need the right utilization for complete effectiveness. While using turmeric, always remember the following points which are as follows:

  1. It is best to use fresh and raw turmeric. The less processed is more effective in giving good results.
  2. The bright orange resides leaves stain marks. Thus, be careful while using hands or clothing.
  3. Always consult a doctor before you add turmeric supplements to the diet.
  4. They interfere in certain medications like people with blood thinners and gallbladder problems.
  5. If you have open wounds, do NOT apply to them.
  6. If you are pregnant, then avoid consuming turmeric. They can use it as an external remedy.
  7. While massaging, be gentle and do not go rough.
  8. If you are using oil with turmeric, be careful while warming up. do not burn the oil.

How To Use Turmeric For Joint Pain

Ways To Use Turmeric For Joint Pain Relief

Do you suffer from joint pain? Want a quick remedy to it? We bring you Desi remedy for you! Know how to use turmeric for joint pain. They are as follows:

Turmeric Medications Used For Joint Pain:

The following turmeric supplements and creams can be found near you at chemist shops. They are affordable and should be taken under recommended dietary allowance.  Never exceed the amount as it can cause symptoms like nausea etc.

  • Supplements Of Turmeric: Take it in powder form or capsule form. If you are taking in powder form, keep it around 1,200 to 1,800 mg per day. The capsules should be taken under supervision and after taking good advice.
  • Turmeric-based Creams: They can be used as a normal cream. Take a good size of cream. apply on the affected area and massage gently.

Effective Remedies To Use Turmeric For Joint Pain

The following are ways to use turmeric for joint pain which is as follows:

  1. Mix turmeric powder in water. Boil it for 15 minutes. Drink the mixture within 4 hours as it looses its effectiveness thereafter.
  2. Take some warm milk. Add turmeric power to it. Stir till it becomes golden in color. You can add honey for taste.
  3. Boil water. Add turmeric roots or powder. Strain it. Add lemon and honey for taste. Turmeric tea is prepared. You can also add ginger and cinnamon for good effectiveness.
  4. Take some mustard oil or sesame oil. Fry some garlic pieces along with the oil in a pan. Add some turmeric after it. Apply the paste on the affected area.
  5. Mix coconut oil and turmeric powder together. Apply on the affected area.
  6. Take turmeric & cayenne powder, organic lemongrass, and liquid organic coconut oil. Heat the mixture for a while. Do not fry as the coconut oil will loose its power. Strain & let it cool for a while. Apply the mixture.


Turmeric is a good solution for every of your need. Whether it is skin issues or to increase nutrition, it can enhance all. If you are the person on medication, then consult the doctor before consumption. They strengthen the immunity. Add black pepper which said to increase the effect by 2000% times. Pregnant ladies should avoid intake of turmeric especially.

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