How to Use Rose Petal to Lose Weight Naturally

How to Use Rose Petal to Lose Weight Naturally– Roses are beautiful to watch and their fragrance is no less than first love. You gave it to your love one and surely the first love is you yourself. Why do not you gift yourself the gift of roses and its benefits? Confused?  Roses have been found very beneficial in solving the problem of weighty issues of the body. Research finds that rose petals are actually instrumental in solving a great array of issues related to the weight scales. It can help you lose weight naturally and effectively.

Your body is a temple and surely you will want to keep it fit and fine. Do not wait for valentine day to come! Gift your body the blessing of essential rose’s petals. Do not know how to use it? Looking for effective remedies to use Rose petals? Searching for ways to lose weight? Healthbuffet brings you the best remedies in the blog, “How to use Rose petals to lose weight naturally”. They have been enriched and endorsed by great profits in cutting those fats and gifting you a body which smells great and feels great inside out.How to Use Rose Petal to Lose Weight Naturally

What are The Benefits Of Rose Petals?

Rose petals as told, they are very effective and beneficial for the body to lose those extra kilos and blessing you a great body without actually harming the body and it’s working. Its usage has been long described and can be witnessed till today in India and Arab countries from rituals to daily life. Roses have been appreciated for its features and properties, making it a great thing for beautifying yourself. If you think that it just great for skin, then you are wrong. Roses are good for weight to lose techniques also which is discussed down.

Want to know the benefits of rose petals as effective as for weight loss program which is as follows:

  • It is good for digestion process as it cleanses the intestine as well as relieves constipation.
  • It has astringent properties which will help you relief inflammation effectively.
  • Roses have been long described as great for skin as it cleanses and tones the skin.
  • Having cold and flu? Roses have been found as an effective remedy with respiratory properties.
  • It contains a good amount of Vitamin B, C & E.
  • Antibacterial properties as well as cures a headache.
  • Is ageing making things worse? Rose petals are good for you too.
  • They have antiseptic properties.How to Use Rose Petal to Lose Weight

Remedies To Use Rose Petal to Lose Weight Naturally

Rose petals are effective ways to lose weight fast and get that perfect body. Get in touch with the best remedies to lose the weight effectively. Gift yourself the intoxicating and sensuous benefits of the roses which a great way to get beautiful skin and body without getting in the fuss of  costly medicines and supplements which mean nothing but blow on the pockets. Go natural by knowing how to use rose petals to lose weight naturally.

Simple Rose Water remedy For Losing Weight:

This is the most effective way to lose weight like a pro and effectively to cut those extra kilos without any problem. Thus, it is the best remedy on how to use rose petal to lose weight naturally:Rose water

The things needed are as follows:

  • Freshly plucked Rose petals
  • Freshwater, better if it is distilled
  • Pot with a tight lid

The remedy to use rose petals to lose fat are as follows:

  • Take some rose petals and fill the pot with it.
  • Add few cups of water.
  • Boil at a simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Put a lid and wait for the leaves to the fade way the colour.
  • If leaves float, let them.
  • Switch off the stove and strain the mixture.
  • Keep the mixture in a glass jar & refrigerate it.
  • Drink a little every morning on empty stomach.

Rose Petal Tea for Losing Weight Effectively:

Rose petals too have a tea recipe! Did not knew before? Yes, it true. Rose petals can be used for tea preparation at home for melting those flabs to get the fab body.Rose water to lose weight

The things needed are as follows:

  • Rose petals- fresh or dried.
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Honey for taste
  • Water or distilled water

Remedy to use rose petals to make herbal tea for losing weight:

  • Boil few rose petals in water.
  • Boil at a simmer till they turn pinkish brown to fade its colour.
  • Take out the liquid and strain.
  • Add a little cinnamon to it and drink it on an empty stomach.
  • You can add honey for taste also.

Rose Petal Green Tea To natural Lose Weight:

Green tea is no doubt the best way and when clubbed with rose petals, it becomes a hit on our list of how to use rose petals to lose weight naturally:How to Use Rose Petal to Lose Weight

The things needed are as follows:

  • Dried orange peels or orange peels.
  • Green tea leaves or extracts.
  • Rose petals- fresh or dried.
  • Hibiscus petals

Remedies to use Rose Petals to Help Cut Fat Fast:

  • Take dried and crushed in fine powder orange peel or you can simply dry the peels and crush them in a grinder.
  • Boil a cup or two of water.
  • Pour in some of the crushed orange peels, green tea leaves or extracts and hibiscus and rose petals.
  • Let them boil for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Strain them as soon as they lose their colour.
  • Drink it daily early in the morning like a fine green tea feeling.

Rose Petals Remedies To lose Weight:

Another great remedy to satisfy the need to lose the extra kilos effectively using the miraculous rose petals which are as following.How to Use Rose Petal

The ingredients needed are as follows:

  • Dried petals of a rose.
  • Roasted grams which are crushed.
  • Wheat husk
  • Psyllium husk

Read below the way to use it as good remedy to get fat free body:

  • Crush the ingredients to the fine powdery substance by drying them and crushing them in a grinder.
  • Have 1 tablespoon every day thrice in a day.
  • Drink water or have it mixed it with water.

How to lose weight Using Rose Petals:

Last but not the least on our list is a great way for using rose petals to get a fat free body which is as follows.rose and oolong tea

The ingredients needed are as follows:

  • Rose petals
  • Oolong tea leaves or extracts
  • Lemon

Read below the way to use it as good remedy to get great body by losing weight:

  • Boil rose petals and Oolong tea together for few minutes.
  • Strain and add lemon to it.
  • You can add honey for taste.
  • Drink it daily for a long weight.


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