Top Tips To Avoid Acidity

Top Tips To Avoid Acidity – Acidity is a problem that is never welcomed. When there is excess secretion of acids in the stomach’s gastric glands, the condition is known as acidity. Some of the symptoms of acidity are producing gas, bad breath, stomach ache, etc. It can make you feel sick and miserable. The reasons behind acidity are a long gap between meals, excessive intake of beverages, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.

Top Tips To Avoid Acidity

The main reason behind the acidity is a heavy meal or spicy foods that cause heartburn, acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. To get rid of acidity we take a lot of syrups or medicines for its treatment. But is not it be good if it can be avoided? Yes, there are some tips that can help you to avoid acidity.

Top Tips To Avoid Acidity

These are some of the tips that can help you in avoiding acidity. 

Eat slowly and sparingly 

There can be more reflux in the esophagus when the stomach is very full. Also, you may try small meals after a full stomach that is called grazing. It helps in splitting the large meals into small frequent meals in a day. 

Avoid certain foods 

If you are more prone to the problem of acidity then you must try eliminating the blandest foods from the diets. But there are also some foods that are best at triggering reflux such as mint, fatty foods, spicy foods, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coffee, tea, chocolate, and alcohol. If you want to control your reflux you may try avoiding these foods if priorly you were in habit of having them. And once you get back to normal try adding them one to one in your diet.

Say no to carbonated beverages 

Carbonated drinks are also one of the main causes of acidity. Hence avoid drinking carbonated drinks. They aid in sending acid into the esophagus as they make you burp. Also, try avoiding sparkling water and drink flat water.

Stay up after eating 

Many people are in habit of immediately going to bed just after having their meals. But this is the main reason behind the problem of acidity. Do you know gravity alone helps in keeping the acid in the stomach regardless of you are standing or sitting. Hence after eating wait for 3 hours to go to bed. This means naps after lunch is also not healthy. And the same applies to the midnight snacks as well. 

Do not move too fast

Try moving slowly especially after you eat meals. After eating try involving yourself in vigorous exercise for a couple of hours. But you must avoid bending workout as this may send the acid directly into the esophagus. 

Try sleeping on an incline 

Your feet must be six to eight inches lower than your head. You can do this by keeping bed risers that too extra tall under your head giving them high support. You can also use a foam wedge to support your upper body if your sleeping partner is not comfortable with the former option. Try avoiding the technique of stacking pillows. As they will provide you the unleveled support.

Lose weight if necessary 

The muscular structure that aids the lower esophageal sphincter is being spread by the increased weight hence decreases the pressure that holds the sphincter closed. Hence heartburn and reflux are the consequences. 

Quit smoking 

The lower esophageal Sphincter is relaxed by the Nicotine. Hence you must avoid smoking as it has no goodness to bring to your bodies as well. 

Check your medications 

There are some medicines as well that causes acidity in the stomach. Hence you must check the medicines you take and if they cause acidity try to take medications for that as well.


Hence these are the tips you can follow to avoid acidity. If it gets worse then try contacting the doctor for once. 

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