Top Sunscreen Myths You Should Not Believe

Top Sunscreen Myths You Should Not Believe – Okay Sunscreen! A big lifesaver for your skins right? All we know is that sunscreen is essential while heading out in the sun as it protects our skin from the harmful UV rays and prevents tanning as well. Also along with the truthful information, there are many Myths regarding the sunscreen application as well in which people do believe. Well listing here the Top Sunscreen Myths You Should not Believe in. 

Top Sunscreen Myths You Should Not Believe

Being one of the most important arsenals in your vanity kit, sunscreen is mired in a lot of misconceptions. We don’t blame you if you are confused over what to believe and what to not as there is a lot of information circulating on the net. Hence we are up with some useful facts that are not facts and are myths you need to stop believing in right now!

Is Sunscreen essential? 

To prevent tanning, pigmentation, and delay aging, Sunscreens are a very important part of our skincare. To gain protection from both the UVA and UVB we need to apply the sunscreen having a broad spectrum. As both these rays are harmful to our skin health and can cause skin cancer and lead to sun damage as well. 

Top myths You must Stop Believing In Regarding The Sunscreen

here are some of the top Myths Regarding sunscreen you must stop believing in.

MYTH 1: Dark skin does not need a Sunscreen 

This myth is being rooted in the persons having more melanin as it is the pigment that gives the skin its color, Melanin also helps the skin against sunburns and hence the people with dark skin think that they do not need sunscreen. No doubt the people having darker skin tones are at less risk of sunburn than the people having fairer skin tones but still the people with darker skin tone as well must apply a sunscreen having wide spectrum as the melanin not blocks the UVA damage as it blocks the UVB rays. Premature Skin aging and wrinkles are the results of the UVA rays exposure only. Long hours of exposure to the sun without sun protection can cause uneven skin tone and blemishes as well. 

Myth 2: If it’s cloudy or raining no sunscreen is needed at all!

Keep in mind that sunscreen is not for sunny days only. As 80 percent of the ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds hence even on a cloudy day you need to wear sunscreen. Without realizing that they are getting hit by the sun’s rays more than once, a lot of people skip sunscreen when they are heading out in the snow. The sun rays become more prone to sun damage once the sun rays reflect off the snow. Hence regardless of the day type whether it is a sunny and rainy day, applying sunscreen is a must.  

Myth 3: Skin cancer does not happen in the Indian Skin Type and is for white skin.

As the darker skin has more melanin than the white skin, and it also plays a protective role against skin cancers but this does not mean that our skin cannot develop the problem of skin cancer. In people having dark skin the symptoms of skin cancer reflect at a later and advanced stage in all Indian skin types. Hence if you are going out in the sun for long hours don’t forget to apply sunscreen. 

Myth 4: If indoors say no to sunscreen 

UVA rays can penetrate the glass windows as well no doubt the UVB rays cannot. Hence if you do not apply the sunscreen indoors your skin is at risk of getting the UVA rays damage. The blue lights from electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, TV is also dangerous. Hence do not forget to apply the sunscreen even if you are staying at home that too indoors to prevent any side effects.

Myth 5: Sunscreen can cause cancer 

One of the active ingredients in many sunscreens that are oxybenzone is famous among people as a myth that it causes skin cancer. But as such there are no known side effects of this ingredient have been there till to date. 


Hence these are the top myths that you must avoid believing in and always apply sunscreen whether you are indoors, outdoors, enjoying a sunny day, or chilling on a cloudy day. 

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