Top Hair Conditioner Brands in India

Top hair conditioner brands in India – Do you have lifeless tangled hair? Are you facing lifeless and frizzy hair? Want products like hair oils, hair conditioner who can manage your hair? The most important thing next after your talent, of course- he is your hairdresser! Life is restless nowadays and we understand your problem. Your hairs are fighting every day- sun rays, dust, wind, heat and accessories etc which makes your hair brittle and rough from the root. Your hair speaks about your personality which defines you. Protect your hair from those harsh treatments. So in this content, we are sharing Top hair conditioner brands in India 2018.

Top Hair Conditioner Brands in India

What is Hair conditioner 

Hair conditioner is hair care product having a viscous liquid base that changes the texture and appearance of hair. It contains Moisturizers, Oils, Sunscreen, Detanglers, Acidifiers, acidity regulators , Lubricants ( such as fatty alcohols, panthenol, dimethicone, etc),  Sequestrants (for better function in hard water), Antistatic agents, Preservatives, Surfactants- (approximately 97% of hair consists of a protein called keratin). And, below is the list of Top hair conditioner brand which is used by millions of Indian People.

Importance Of Hair conditioner:

  • Moisturizes– Loss of moisture due to shampooing of hair can lead to hair loss and frizzy hair. A god conditioner will provide ingredients to moisturize the hair giving you soft and lustrous locks.
  • Nourishment– Shampooing your hair, not only removes dirt and dust but also washes out the crucial nutrients from the scalp and hair giving you rough, unruly and weak hair. Conditioner helps benefit you by providing the required nutrients.
  • Protects– Hair conditioning protects your hair from rough weather and changing environmental conditions. A god conditioner will have the filter which will help protect your hair from UVA and UVB rays.

Top Hair Conditioners Brands

The truth is, “all conditioners smooth the cuticle, soften hair, add shine, and restore moisture,” says celebrity hairstylist Juan Carlos Maciques of the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. “But using the right one is the best way to keep your hair healthy and your style looking great.”

Bestow some magic on those lifeless strands and make them lustrous and the dream comes reality for you. Sit back as we showcase you some of the best hair conditioner brands for our Indian beauties:

TRESemmé : Hair Spa Rejuvenation Conditioner & Smooth and Shine Conditioner

TRESemmé : Hair Spa Rejuvenation Conditioner & Smooth and Shine Conditioner:TRESemme comes on the top in the list of Top Hair Conditioner Brand in India.  Vogue awarded TRESemmé as the best conditioning brand for hair. This has created a new revolution which has popularized and gained admiration in the Indian market. This conditioner is enriched with the goodness of vitamin H and silk protein with Keratin proteins. The makers claim salon style hair and recommend using it with a combination of TRESemmé shampoo. The reasons for it are, using this product benefits you by:

  • Hydrating the hair to cure the dry strands,
  • Perfect for daily use,
  • Moisturizing the hair to give a satin-smooth and silky texture,
  • Giving you salon style hair at home.

 L’Oreal Paris: Fall Repair 3X Anti–Hair Fall Conditioner & Total Repair 5 Conditioner

 L’Oreal Paris: Fall Repair 3X Anti–Hair Fall Conditioner & Total Repair 5 Conditioner:L’Oreal Paris is a highly personalized and intuitive service with expert advice, is one of the best top multi-national brands in hair brands. These products are the one-stop solution for all hair problems whether, it is breakage, split end, hair fall, frizzy hair, dullness or roughness root to tips. So L’Oreal Paris is also one of the top hair conditioner brands in India The beneficial reasons buying this product are:

  • Best for dry hair problems like frizzy hair,
  • Reduces hair problems to great extent,
  • Adds shine and volume to hair,
  • Increases length,
  • Nourishes and hydrates the hair,
  • Good packaging and pleasant fragrance.

Himalaya Protein Conditioner & Hair Detangler & Conditioner:

Himalaya Protein Conditioner & Hair Detangler & ConditionerHimalaya is an India based company which manufactures herbal ingredients using Ayurvedic formula.  All these Himalaya products for hair work best to give healthy and lustrous hair. The detangler conditioner is made from hibiscus, blue water lily which nourishes and protein conditioner has imbibed the goodness of Aloe Vera, yarrow, chickpea and bean sprout etc. So Himalaya protein is also the best hair conditioner brand. The besides the affordable price, the benefit of buying these products are:

  • Good nutritive value for hair
  • Mild conditioner with goodness of herbs
  • No side effects like hair fall etc
  • Keeps the hair smooth-textured and even
  • Smells pleasant and light
  • The effects stay for 3 days
  • Adds moisture to the hair

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner & Intense Repair Conditioner:

Dove Nourishing Oil Care ConditionerDove is a popular brand which is popularizing day by day. It is dual stripe hair conditioner which has the power of double nourishment. The golden ribbon which presents inside has Vita-Oils which helps to nourish your hair from the deep and no greasy feeling on the outside while its white ribbon has the conditioning part which locks in the nourishment to keep the dryness at bay. So Dove is also well-known Hair conditioner brand which is used by millions of people in India

The product has the goodness of Keratin which makes it beneficial.  Dove owns a range of corresponding combination shampoo and conditioner for soft, long and lustrous hair. The benefits of this product are:

  • Great for those who like washing their hair every day as it is very mild,
  • Treats frizz which makes your hair manageable,
  • Hydrates dry hair and detangle them,
  • Price is very reasonable,
  • Works wonders on damaged hair.


Clinic Plus:  Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner:

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream ConditionerClick Plus is also top hair conditioner brand. Clinic Plus is a brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited. Clinic Plus has a full portfolio of Hair Care products to cater to the modern consumers of India. It has been widely consumed all over India and a leading brand name in its field in India. Clinic plus is a home-based brand when it comes to hair color. It has much better and new products launched. The benefits of buying a clinic plus conditioner are:

  • Enriched with milk proteins,
  • Makes the hair healthy and long,
  • Deep nourishes,
  • Best for dry and unmanageable hair,
  • Contains almond oil,
  • Prevents frizz.

Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Dry to Moisturize Conditioner:

Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Dry to Moisturize ConditionerPantene is a brand of hair care products owned by Procter & Gamble popularly known for its 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioning formula, Pantene Pro-V (Pantene Pro-Vitamin). Their advertisement, “Don’t hate me coz I’m beautiful” paved the way with outreaching sales globally. Curly hair is unmanageable and needs extensive care if you’re looking for such a product this is the right solution. The benefits of buying this product are:

  • Regulate moisture balance,
  • Best for curly hair,
  • Manage frizz control,
  • Can be used on colored hair,
  • Repairs hair damage,
  • Prevent hair problems like split ends etc.


The above products are esteemed brand names with god network of experts and experience. They solve almost more than 90% of the hair problems and protect them from the harsh sun, dust and heat. They all are multi-national brands which fulfill your every need of hair by providing total care and nourishment



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