Top Foods to Prevent Piles

Top Foods to Prevent Piles – Having piles or hemorrhoids is worrisome. It is a painful state resulted from inflamed/engorged blood vessels in the anus. The patient suffering from hemorrhoids feels extreme pain and discomfort. However, the dreaded condition is curable and a little change in diet can work wonders. Here’re some best foods to avoid piles (hemorrhoids).

Hemorrhoids are the amalgamation of inflamed and incited tissues in the anal canal. The situation comes to the foray when vein and tissue go inflamed and swollen. Further, the size of piles may vary from individual-to-individual and can be found outside and inside the anus. Chronic constipation and diarrhea, pregnancy and straining when passing a stool are, in fact, the prime causes of hemorrhoid conditions.

Hemorrhoid: Types

Biologically, hemorrhoids (piles) are of two types:

  • External Piles – External hemorrhoids are visible as they form on the area around the anal canal. The suffering person can feel the swelling in that area.
  • Internal Piles – The patient can’t feel it as it develops in the anal canal or lower rectum.

Grades of Piles

There’re four different grades of hemorrhoids (piles):

  • Grade I: Small inflammations that emerge inside the lining of the anal come under Grade I. they’re not visible.
  • Grade II: These are generally, larger in size than grade I piles and also remain inside the anus. These may come out while passing stools, however, but return back later.
  • Grade III: Further, the 3rd-grade hemorrhoids are protrusions from the anus and are also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids. The patient may feel them hanging from the anal.
  • Grade IV: The largest piles fall under the 4th grade. They protrude outside of the anal and can’t be pushed back in without treatment.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Initially, hemorrhoid conditions don’t reflect obvious symptoms. It takes only a span of few days to get them resolved on their own. Nevertheless, a person suffering from piles may encounter the following symptoms:

  • The patient may feel the bowels still full even after passing stools.
  • Bright red blood may be noticeable after the bowel movement.
  • Further, an individual with piles may feel pain when passing a stool.
  • They can feel a painful lump surrounding the anus area.
  • Moreover, the area around the anal may obtain itchiness, soreness and redness.

How Can a Diet Help Prevent Hemorrhoids? Best Foods to Avoid Piles

 Hemorrhoid symptoms are treatable, fortunately. It isn’t a big deal to fight piles conditions as we have certain foods that work the best in the first place. Regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, drinking enough water, taking fiber-rich foods are some of the fundamental ideologies to help you out. But making a serious change in diet may derive far better results in quicker times.

Here’s the compilation of some highly-effective foods you can consume to avoid piles (hemorrhoids) to a great extent:


As the discussions prevail around, eating foods rich in fiber brings exceptional results against constipation and piles. Then, how is the apple at this front?

An apple is an abundant source of fiber contents with around 4.4g of fiber in a medium-sized piece. The insoluble fiber works incredibly as it doesn’t break down during digestion and help treat hemorrhoids.


Berries are another prudent source of fiber you can add to your diet upon having piles. Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries contain a glut of fiber in every single serving. You will get around 6.5g of fiber in every 100g of serving.


Pears also come to be an effective food alternative for people suffering from hemorrhoids. A single piece of pear with skin can provide you with around 6g fiber alongside several other nutrients.


Prunes (dried plums) host around 3.8g of fiber in just a half-cup. Besides healing piles, dried prunes are also helpful in restraining you from taking frequent meals.


A good source of fiber called β-glucan; barley comes around to alleviate several health issues. It helps soften the stool by breaking down and generates a viscous gel. It also supports colon health.

Whole Grains

Contents (bran, germ, and endosperm) founded in whole grains are studded with advantageous components like fiber. The insoluble fiber available in whole grains provides noticeable support for digestion and piles symptoms.


A medium-sized artichoke contains around 7g of fiber content as well as plenty of other nutritional values. Therefore, it paves the clear way for people suffering from piles to get them under control.

The Bottom Line

Doubtlessly, piles or hemorrhoids are woeful conditions that may cause intense discomfort and pain. Thankfully, nature involves plentiful foods that are capable of perishing piles symptoms and help you feel better at the end of the day. Hopefully, the guide on top foods to prevent piles offers you a constructive diet plan against hemorrhoid situations.

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