Tips to Use Face Oils Properly

Tips to Use Face Oils Properly –  No matter what your skin type, face oils may hold the secret to achieving healthy and radiant skin. The oil penetrates the skin to transform and protect and helping in building a resilient skin layer as they are packed with the nutrients like vitamin C, essential Fatty acids, and antioxidants. Well, the biggest mistake people make is while applying the face oils properly. Hence listing here some Tips To Use Face Oils Properly. 

Tips to Use Face Oils Properly

What are Face Oils?

Well before stepping to how to use facial oils properly, it’s imperative to that what exactly facial oils are? Facial oils are nothing but skincare products that helps in moisturizing the skin. Facial oils offer your skin various benefits ranging from locking the skin with moisture to softening and balancing skin and are made with a mixture of plant oils. You also take advantage of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties depending on the facial oils used. Well, facial oil is must to have in your skincare products. 

How to Use Face Oils Properly?

Well everyone uses face oil some avail advantages and some not. Do you know why? The reason behind this is the improper application of Face oils. Well listing here the proper face to use facial oils.

Cleanse Your Skin 

The first step in both the day and the night is cleansing. Hence to slough of the dead skin cells that have built on the surface of your skin, try a daily exfoliating scrub cleanser. The cleanser helps in exfoliating the dullness and impurities. Hence it helps well in improving the skin tone, texture, and clarity. 

Apply moisturizer 

The question that what to apply first the facial oil or a moisturizer is as same as what came first the chicken or the egg. But don’t worry we have the answer for the former one, not the latter one. Well, the facial oil must be used over the creams and the lotions. This is because the oil is way smarter to penetrate its formula in comparison to other products. Hence in this step, you need to apply a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and water as it will provide you long-lasting hydration. 

Apply the face oil 

It’s time to get your facial oil ready once you have slathered in moisturizer. Apply four to five drops of oil onto the palm of your hand, morning and night. Dab the oil in small dots onto cleansed skin, avoiding your eye area with your finger. Then using the whole surface of your hands gently smooth and press the oil into your face and neck. 

How to use Face oil with Makeup?

Now ignoring the skincare routine explained earlier let’s jump to the makeup routine. Well here are the best tips that how to used face oils while putting on makeup to gain glowing skin. 

Try mixing face oil with primer 

To create an even base for your makeup products to apply evenly and last throughout the day, makeup primer helps well. Well, things only get better from there when you add a few drops of your facial oil into the mix. Mixing facial oil with primer is the perfect way to keep your skin moisturized as facial oils provide an extra touch of hydration and hence helps you sport a radiant beauty beat all day long.

Apply facial oil before the foundation 

You can boost your skin with nourishment and leave yourself with bright and healthy-looking skin by using the facial oil before foundation. 

Mix oil with foundation

Try mixing oil with foundation as it’s a great way to provide your skin with extra moisture, it also works wonders to give your skin a healthy-looking finish. 


Hence these are the top tips to use face oils properly. Hence you can use facial oils in the steps listed above and gain their advantages to the full. 

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