Tips To Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle

Tips To Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle –  With the help of modern advancements, our lives have become easier and more comfortable enjoying. This has made us live a sedentary lifestyle. More sitting and less moving have a direct link with a lot of the health problems. And sedentary lifestyle Is one of the major causes of obesity as well. Not only this the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is also increased by continuous sitting for long hours. Hence here are some Tips To Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

Tips To Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle

Fixing a sedentary lifestyle is not as easy as it seems. What all we need to kick the sedentary lifestyles away is to be more active. We can do this by avoiding sitting for long hours, finding excuses to move, and also by engaging ourselves in more physical activity. Well here are some of the best tips that can help you out in avoiding the sedentary lifestyle. 

Top Tips To Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle

Here are some of the magical tips you can follow to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. You can follow them to become less sedentary and more active. 

Walk and walk more 

A 30 min walk can offer you plenty of health benefits. You can also prefer doing a moderate-intensity exercise for the same duration which will help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. A short walk of 5 minutes can also work well in saving you from the side effects of prolonged sitting.

Also even if you are at your office it is easy to walk more. instead of sitting around the conference table, make the walking meetings. Also, you can plan for a physical workout before or after work. Don’t look for the excuses to sit, look for the excuses to walk. Also, it is a lot good to walk for sometime after dinner. 

Avoid lifts take stairs instead 

Being a vigorous-intensity physical activity, stair climbing helps in burning more calories as compared to jogging. Hence if you are looking to maintain a healthy weight and want to build strong joints, bones and muscles try using stairs as much as possible. 

Walk the Parking lot

One of the easiest ways of walking some extra steps in a day, try parking your car far away from the destination. In this way, you can walk more to get to your destination. Also, try taking stairs as elevators are the best friends of the sedentary lifestyle.

In this way, you can avail the benefits of physical activity as well without even sparing time for it. In the office, you can also try walking in different blocks and in the parking lot as well to enjoy the seasons. 

Ditch Your Car

The modern way of traveling is the main cause behind the problem of obesity. Earlier people use to walk down the cities but nowadays even for approaching the nearby grocery shop, we rush towards our cars. Here is where we need to ditch it.

If you are not a walk lover try traveling with the help of a bicycle, it will not only keep you fit but has many health benefits as well. Also to went to the office try taking the local transport such as buses, autos that will make you walk more to reach the office instead of driving your car direct to the office gate. 

At workplace 

Now, most of the workplace includes the sitting job forcing you to live a sedentary lifestyle. Hence if you are engaged with a job that requires a long hour of sitting try standing up every 20 minutes. This in no way will harm your work as you can keep doing your work even standing.

Instead of sending an email, try approaching your colleague personally. Also try sitting on the comfortable furniture to avoid problems like back pain, bad posture, etc. 

Perform your Chores 

Try avoiding the comfort zone. As after having your meal, go for the kitchen cleaning instead of resting on your couch. Also doing the day-to-day household chores such as mopping the floor, taking out the garbage can keep you more active and fit. 

Use Commercial Breaks

If you are engaged in prolonged sedentary activity with your family such as watching the favorite show, try taking the commercial breaks and move around. As you can take a break for preparing snacks, washroom time, etc by pausing the particular show. 


Hence these are the top tips that can help you in avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Also, limit your screen time and explore the surroundings outside. You must encourage the same habit in your children as well. Avoid making them the mobile phone parasite and encourage them to go out and play. 

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