Tips for Healthy Nails

Tips for Healthy Nails – Like wisely, of a great haircut or a skincare routine, healthy, well-manicured nails, are also an integral part of a neat and clean appearance. The clean and neat appearance depicts to have a healthier living. That initially becomes a special kind of power, having healthy, strong nails, whether you work or are cautious to work.

Healthy nails are the resulting aspects of good nail cuticle and their care. Thereby, getting acquainted with the best beneficial tip to have healthy nails is still a dream of more than half the population.

Whether you’re doing nail care in form of self-care, an infatuation, or just routine maintenance. Moreover, keeping nails in good shape is one of the worthy investments to one’s body. And astonishingly, the good news is that “healthy nails need an investment of time, rather than money”.

Therefore, the best route for stronger, longer nails is acquiring simple lifestyle habits, and not with pricy nail tools. Additionally, getting healthier nails also means kicking off some bad habits, such as using nails as a built-in pocket knife.

Interesting Facts about Nails

  • Nails initially grow 3 – 4 millimeters per month i.e. approximately 0.1 millimeters a day.
  • Toenails grow at roughly half the rate of fingernails i.e. around 1.6 millimeters a month.
  • Onychophagia: is the habit of biting fingernails.
  • The hairs and nails are made from the same protein. But there is a difference in the arrangement of Keratin molecules.
  • Your nails do not breathe.
  • Nails grow faster during summer.
  • Stress is one factor that inhibits nail growth.
  • Nails don’t sweat. 
  • Blood flow is a major need for nail health and growth.
  • Men’s fingernails grow faster than women’s.

Major Visualization of Healthy Nails

  • The plate of Nails are of pinkish-white color
  • Nails, as well as white tips, are of even length
  • Cuticles are alive therefore don’t cut them off
  • Having half-moon shape within white section i.e. lunula nails

Beneficial Tips for Healthy Nails

For maintaining good and string nails you don’t need to spend a penny, as with the daily simple routines you can get strong and healthy nails. Therefore, following and maintaining the tips and simple tricks. You’ll eventually get those healthy and beautiful nails with no breaking and brittle effects.

Clean and Wash your Hand Regularly

The prime concern of any bodily routine is washing off; thereby you need to wash your hands. And essentially make sure that your nails are thoroughly grime-free hence firstly, removing all traces of nail paints with help of acetone-free remover. The remover usually doesn’t dry out your nails. 

Try to apply soap to a clean toothbrush or brush, and then gently scrub your nails and surrounding skin for removing the dirt. Additionally, exfoliate the dead skin without using harsh force, and drying chemicals.

Moisturize your Nail Bed and Cuticle.

After washing your nails don’t let them dry out, as there is little of the medical data that shows. That moisturizing the nail bed will eventually help nails to grow in a healthier condition. As it makes the cuticles look better and initially helps in protecting the nails from breaking due to a lack of moisture. 

Furthermore, if your nails are prone to breakage, it efficiently means they need moisture, and massaging oil around the cuticle will help in moisturizing entire nails. Additionally, that reduces the incidence of cracking, chipping, and splitting.

Clip Your Nails and Prefer Nail’s Health rather Than Its Length

Consistently, trimming is an essential requirement of your hair. Proper caring, makes your nails, lesser prone to chipping and breakage. So initially make a habit of not letting your nails grow accordingly to the adjusting frequency. Therefore, cut your nails off as per the need once you see how your nails are responding while they’re growing. 

Moreover, long nails are elegant, but if you’re struggling with hangnails or breakage, keep short nails. For a while, as you allow your nails to grow stronger. Additionally, with the shorter style and round edges, nails look neat and eventually tend to be easier to manage.

Add Protein-Rich Food to your Diet

The nails are made of a protein i.e. “keratin” therefore, just like the clarity of the skin or the shine of hairs. You can improve your nails by changing the diet adding probiotics to your diet. Some researchers and dermatologists recommend adding vitamins and supplements like Vitamin E, biotin, and fish oil to your daily diet. 

Moreover, Once the combination hits up, that works for us, we’ll get the results of stronger, clearer nails, and healthier.

Maintain Hygiene with the Nail Tools  

It is advisable to have less use of the nails tools and cause harm to the cuticles. Only Nail fillers are recommendable while caring for the nail. Like other tools, might be painful to the skin causing harm to your nail’s health. 

Furthermore, maintaining a hygienic cleaning of the tools and paints that you’re using or further going to use is an essential aspect.


Nails are also an important and chief part of the human body that appear throughout. Thereby caring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and routine for nails will eventually land you to a better strong, healthier nail.

Therefore, choosing wisely the simple daily routines will initially lead to glorifying and healthier nails.   

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