Night Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Night Skincare Routine For Dry Skin– Skin is on what our looks rule on! Healthy skin reflects a healthy you. The skin type differs from person to person. Different People are blessed with Different types of skin such as oily, dry, and normal skin.

Night Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Blessed with the dry skin type?

Are you having dry skin? If yes, then your skin requires your attention!

Dry skin requires a lot of care and effort to reflect well. Especially in winters, people with dry skin come across a bouquet of problems. Don’t worry we are here with a skincare routine that will help you in maintaining healthy skin.

Symptoms of Dry skin

Dry skin is associated with a lot of symptoms. If you have dry skin then you might have experienced these symptoms in you.

  • Tightening of skin just after bathing or exposure to water.
  • Rough-textured skin
  • Frequent itching
  • Normal to high levels of peeling, scaling, and flaking of skin.
  • Developing fine lines on the skin.
  • Skin turning ashy grey.
  • Deep cuts
  • Redness

Night Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

After a hectic day, the time we have for pampering our skin is night. Here is a night care routine you must follow if you are blessed with a dry skin type.

Remove make up

It is the end of the day and your makeup is still on! Starting with first and foremost step is to remove dirt and makeup at night. For removing the makeup you can use oil-based cleanser or cleansing oil.

Cleanse your face

Face wash is must after removing the makeup. For dry skin you must use light weight water- based cleanser to wash your face.

Exfoliate your skin

Scrubbing is best at the process of exfoliation. Exfoliation is a process in which dead skin cells are removed from the face by using a scrub. Scrubbing leaves your skin soft and gentle. For dry skin it is recommended to use moisturizing face scrub for exfoliation.

Use Facial Mist to hydrate your skin

Say no to astringent lotions. Instead apply mist on your face. It will help in keeping your skin hydrating, hence allowing it to absorb other skin care products.

Hydrating serum

Being the powerhouse of active ingredients, serums helps in replenishing the skin and keeping the skin healthy. Serums having hyaluronic acid and vitamin E serve best for the dry skin. It will help in keeping the skin soft and refershed.

Pampering ends at face mask

A good night cream can have magical effect on your skin. It helps the skin in recovering while you are sleeping. Night cream also come in varieties like anti-aging , anti-pigmentation etc , hence you need to choose according to your preference.

Don’ts of a dry skin
  • Avoid over-cleansing -Over cleansing, your face can take the whole moisture of your skin away. hence it is advisable to wash your face only 2 times a day. Try washing it with simple water if your face requires extra cleaning.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers -It is quite possible that not every cleanser is best for your skin. Never get attracted to any random cleanser by its fragrance and texture. Choose the right cleanser according to your skin type. It might leave your skin dry.
  • Careful while exfoliation- No doubt exfoliation is a lot necessary to get rid of dead skin cells. otherwise, your skin will become dull, dry, and flaky. But never over rub the skin, apply it gently.
  • Avoid matte makeup– Choosing the right makeup for yourself is a lot important. The wrong makeup product can leave your skin patchy and cakey. Hence if you have dry skin then go for liquid products for doing makeup.
  • Avoid dry environment– Prolonged sitting in a dry environment like an AC room can also turn your skin dry. But also places like the workplace are unavoidable hence you can carry facial mist and spray it over your face from time to time.

These all are the steps you must or must not perform as a part of your Night skin care routine. But along with this there is keen need to change your skin care habits if you have a dry skin type.

Some tips for dry skin
  1. You must moisturize your skin daily. As moisturizer locks the skin’s pores and stops water from the skin to escape.
  2. Your bath time can also be one of the ways to keep your skin healthy. You must prefer bathing for not more than 10 minutes and one time in a day.
  3. Avoid dry soaps and start using moisturizing cleansers, shower gels, etc. containing a good amount of moisturizers
  4. Try to cover your face when the weather is cold and windy.
  5. Always wear gloves when using hard cleansers in order to protect your skin.

These all are the steps that you must include in your daily skincare routine. “Magic is not welcomed soon”, it is imperative to note that following this routine will take time to reflect results on your skin.

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