Lifestyle Tips For Maintaining Cholesterol

Lifestyle Tips For Maintaining Cholesterol –  The main culprit behind the risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases is nothing but high cholesterol levels. Many people take medicines to improve their cholesterol levels. But do you know that you can do it naturally as well? Yes, you heard right.

Lifestyle Tips For Maintaining Cholesterol

Mere making some changes in your lifestyle you can maintain good cholesterol levels. Maintaining your cholesterol level will help in lowering down the risk of heart diseases. And if you are still on medication than too there is no harm in following these tips as they can improve cholesterol. 

Lifestyle Tips For Maintaining Cholesterol

These are some of the lifestyle tips that can help you in maintaining cholesterol.

Try eating heart-healthy foods 

You can reduce cholesterol and improve your heart health by making few changes in your diet. You must reduce the consumption of saturated fats that can increase your cholesterol level. The trans-fat found in products like cookies, crackers, and cakes can also increase cholesterol levels. Most trans fat is found by the name of “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” on the label of processed foods.

Eat omega-3 rich foods

Omega-3 helps in reducing blood pressure. Not only this it does not raise cholesterol whereas has a lot of heart health benefits attached to it. You can consume omega-3 from fatty acids from foods like salmon, mackerel, walnut, and flaxseeds. 

Do more exercises 

Cholesterol levels can be improved by doing exercises. As good cholesterol can be raised by engaging oneself in physical activity. Hence it is best to do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week and you can also do aerobic activity thrice a week for 20 minutes. Also doing physical exercises can help you maintain a healthy weight as well. You can indulge yourself in the physical activities listed below:

  • After lunch take a brisk walk 
  • Go to work by riding 
  • Try playing your favorite sport daily in the morning.

Quit smoking 

You can improve your HDL cholesterol levels by quitting smoking. The immediate benefits will be:

  • Your heart rate and blood pressure will recover from the cigarette-induced spike within 20 minutes.
  • Lung function and blood circulation will improve within three months of smoking.
  • Your risk of heart diseases will reduce within a year of quitting smoking.

Loose weight 

Cholesterol level is also increased due to extra weight. Hence you must make efforts to keep your weight in check. To maintain a healthy weight try avoiding sugary foods, and try eating low-calorie foods. Hence if you develop the craving for sweet foods try having sherbet or candies with little fat such as jelly candies.

You can also follow some weight-maintaining tips such as taking walks at lunch break t the workplace, Using stairs instead of the lift, and engage yourself in standing activities such as cooking or hard work activities.

Drink alcohol at moderate levels 

High levels of HDL cholesterol link directly with the moderate consumption of alcohol. But if someone does not drink he must not go for its consumption as benefits are not strong enough. If you are a fan of its taste then drink in moderation i.e. one drink a day for men older than 65 years of age and women of all ages. And for the men having age 65 years or younger drink two drinks a day. Problems like high blood pressure, heart failure, and strokes are only the consequence of high alcohol consumption.


Hence these are the lifestyle tips you can follow for maintaining cholesterol. If you do not feel any positive after following this then try consulting a doctor for the medication control of cholesterol. And continue the lifestyle tips as well as there is no harm in following these all. 

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