Intimate Wash for Men

Looking for the Best Intimate Wash for Men?

Then you have come to the right place.

Hygiene has been one of the most important issues for humans from thousands of years. We wash our hairs, bodies, clean our nails and mouth every single day. But few of us give attention to our intimate parts.

Why is That??

Well for starters, we were taught the importance of brushing our teeth, cleaning our bodies and keeping our hairs washed and cleaned from childhood. But we were never told the importance of keeping our intimate parts clean.

It’s an unspoken taboo to talk about our intimate parts, let alone hygiene.

No. I am not talking about washing it weekly with soap and then drying it out with a towel.

Our intimate parts are not like our other body part. They are more sensitive and infection-prone. The soap we use to wash our body may cause more harm to our intimate parts than good.

The soap we use to wash our bodies contain:

1. Parabens: These are estrogen mimickers. When you put soap on your skin, these are get absorbed in your body and enter your bloodstream. In a way, it’s a bloody mistake. When the body thinks that there are so many estrogens in the body, it reacts in various ways like Make you fat, lose muscle mass, reproductive difficulty in both men and women.

2. Sulfates: These chemicals used to produce the cute bubbles we see. Sulfates strip the skin of its natural oil and increase penetration of skin surface. Which makes it irritation around sensitive skin like intimate area.

Just think about it, we are washing our intimate parts with the chemicals we don’t know what to bring. These are the just two chemicals, but the mountain load of problems it can bring is crazy.

Would you trust your most beloved and sensitive parts to a mere soap??


That’s why, we bring you the all clear, preferred by countless men around the country, all-time-hygiene bringing product………..JANAAB Intimate Wash For MEN!!!

Not only will it clean your intimate spots, but it will also bring their vitality back.

HOW you ask??

It contains Aloe vera. The number one ingredient for skin care and hygiene.

Plus point is, JANAAB Intimate Wash Online does not contain any harmful chemicals and is perfectly safe to use.

This product understands the delicacy and sensitivity of intimate spot and washes it without causing unnecessary regrets to the user.

  • Does it take too many instructions to use??
  • Nope!!
  • Wet the spot,
  • Apply the Foam,
  • Rub, circulate and leave it for 30 seconds,
  • Wash it thoroughly and feel like you are king of Rome.

JANAAB Intimate Wash is the number one choice of gentlemen out there who intends to make his personal and bedroom life richer.

JANAAB Intimate Wash doesn’t only make you more Man, it makes you JANAAB.

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