How to Use Anti Aging Creams & Serum for Effective Results

How to Use Anti Aging Creams & Serum for Effective Results – Need something effective for your skin? Is your skin ageing faster? Want an effective and correct way to apply an anti-aging cream and serum? Do you want maximum results out of those miracle products? We present you ways on how to use anti-aging serum and creams for effective results. Modern age comprises more stress and pollution and other factors which are making the skin issues worse day by day. Get hold of it now!

How to Use Anti Aging Serum

Beauty is everyone’s right. Cannot deny the fact that old age is sure to come someday but why not get old beautifying more. Can’t stop the truth but at least one can work on delaying the process and us ain’t talking about going under the knife. Just a simple step to step routine is to be followed which you will read in our blog, how to use anti ageing creams and serum for effective results. Now you can also get that youthful skin which is radiant and far from those wrangling wrinkles and dark spots, blemishes which are the signs of ageing.

Now Revolution at the Door | Serums and Creams for Aged Skin

Skin creams and serums are something new to the product line. Almost a decade ago it was introduced to the cosmetic beauty line by the great giants looking at the greater demand of masses who wanted to look younger. Skin creams focus on a dual aspect as a moisturizer and as a cosmetic product for the skin which offers to prevent aging signs for appearing on the skin like wrinkles, pigmentation, dark patches etc. they are available in variety of types which are day crème, night crème, fairness crème & dual creams which can be used anytime.

Skin serums are a new addition but different from anti-aging creams. They are lighter and absorbent which is in liquid form. They are known to show quick results and are very effective for the skin. They help make the elasticity of skin tight by shrinking the pores and proving the essential nutrients and moistures to the skin. These days’ serums contain sun blockers also with good SPF for sun protection from damage. They are available in oil-based for dry skin and water-based creamy gel for oily skin type people.

It is recommendable to opt for products and brands which offer a good variety. A good brand is very helpful in giving good results if you combine the above two revolutionaries of unstoppable ageing.

Benefits of Anti-Aging Serums & Creams:

Old age is associated with a number of issues! Skincare products have found a good solution packed up for you effectively. Know the benefits of using anti-aging crème and serums for a youthful skin:

  • They help make the skin more moisturised.
  • They contain ingredients like green tea etc which contain anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and other skin restoring properties.
  • They help tighten and lighten the wrinkles by almost 57%.
  • Reduces dryness in the skin which is closely related to an ageing skin.
  • They tone up the skin by preventing blemishes, age spots, dark patches and skin discoloration etc.

Tips Using A Skin Crème & Serum For Reducing Aging Effect

  1. Have one brand and stick with it. It is better not to alter much and stop testing on the skin.
  2. Never apply too much than the required amount which can affect the skin by clogging pores or destroying makeup.
  3. Look at the ingredients list before making a choice.
  4. Choose according to the skin type which will perfectly suit your skin.
  5. Apply as per the instruction or at least once in a day.
  6. Use within 6 months which is the best duration when it is effective to use.
  7. Ingredients must for different skin – Vitamin C for acne prone and oily skin, Vitamin E for dry skin, Anti-oxidants for the dull skin and for the sensitive skinned people it is best to try patch test as it can cause irritation.
  8. The best time to apply serums is in the morning before applying a moisturiser with SPF.

 How to Use Anti Aging Creams & Serum

Steps To Apply Anti-Aging Creams & Serum for Effective Results

Get to know the steps to use crème and serums for a youthful skin which is radiant and healthy. Always apply face serum first as creams are thick and would prevent serums from penetrating. Let’s know how to use anti-aging creams and serum for effective results which are as follows:

  • First of all, cleanse your skin and follow up with a gentle exfoliating routine for the pores to be open.
  • Take an appropriate amount of serum in your palm.
  • Dab and tap some serum on the face.
  • Using your fingers. Gently massage the face without rubbing or stretching the skin.
  • Tap the surface of the skin for some time till the liquid gets completely soaked in.
  • No worries if you feel a tingling sensation which is a sign of the effectiveness of absorption.
  • After it has completely dried, apply your anti-aging day or night cream.
  • It if is a day cream, use a good SPF cream.
  • Let it dry completely and then follow the regular routine of makeup.

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