How to Prevent Mask Acne?

How to Prevent Mask Acne? – Mask gained fame when COVID-19 came into the limelight and where masks became an important part of human living, it also showed the harsh effect of the area where masks were worn. Due to the mask, where spreading of germs was controlled, the mask gave an adverse side effect called “maskne” also termed as “mask-acne” which caused itchiness, redness, skin-peel, and acne on the area where the mask is being worn. To know more about How to Prevent Mask Acne?

How to Prevent Mask Acne?

It’s totally hard to ignore wearing a mask because of having mask acne and according to the American Academy of Dermatology: you don’t have to wear a mask for hours every day to start noticing maskne, as it depends that how sanitized, clean, and soft mask you are wearing and for how long hours.

What is mask acne

The new terminology, concerning the important perspective thing “mask” that is vigorously helping us from being contagious and spreading germs and micro-droplets due to which, COVID is under control is causing acne, either due to the mistake of the manufacturer using harsh fabric or the end users/ wearers not taking care of their mask and not changing or washing the masks timely.

Causes of Mask acne

It becomes irritable that wearing a mask can have spots pop up on your face. The cause is mainly due to two reasons:

  • Direct friction of either mask to the skin or skin being sensitive, which causes inflammation and drives the breakout of acne.
  • Trapped moisture and allowing the growth of micro-organisms on the skin can also promote the breakout of acne.

The cause being discussed over, by the friction is also called the “acne mechanic” as it is the common problem that is being faced by athletes, as the active bodies are hot, sweaty bodies, and that might increase in heat and moisture, combined with rubbing of sports equipment on clothes and then on the skin, creates the mask-acne.

These might appear either on the edge of the mask where the shield touches the skin or throughout the area is covered with a mask.

This mask acne doesn’t simply cause pimples, rather it may result in various skin issues, including redness, bumpiness, and irritation. It can also trigger conditions such as dermatitis and folliculitis. If you are concerned about your skin reacting to masks, preferable wear surgical masks that go well with every skin type and try changing them on the regular basis.

The skin is already having bacteria, oil, and dead skin cell, thereby maskne can cause clogged pores too. As the mask also creates humidity, due to the breathing and sweating off your skin, which may increase the risk factor of causing maskne.

Mask acne prevention tips

As publicly, wearing a mask is an important part of daily living, a few preventive tips must be followed:

  • Choose mask according to the skin type: preferable surgical masks are preferred to be worn, but making a market place a various variety of masks are available in the markets as of cotton, chiffon, etc., Recommendation of soft fabric is done as they are gentle to the skin and is breathable.
  • Wash your mask on the usual basis: if instead of surgical masks you are preferring a fabric mask, do wash your mask on the daily basis with antiseptics.
  • Use the protective product: use products as per your skin that would protect your skin from causing acne caused by any reason. Recommended acids can be used as off hyaluronic acid or salicylic acid.
  • Apply topical antimicrobial creams: dermatologists prefer applying the antimicrobial gel or creams before wearing the mask.
  • Wash your face after wearing a mask: Make it a habit of washing your face with good cleansers when you take off your masks and applying moisturizers
  • Avoid oil-based product: products containing oil should recommendable be ignored as applying it may create more and more sweat on the mask area causing acne
  • Prefer retinol-based products:  the products of retinol are preventive to any skin type and the composition of retinol is preferred by derma doctors too.

Therefore, washing the fabric mask and changing the surgical mask on the daily basis can prevent us from maskne. As the reaction to anything by the skin inflates that either the skin is too sensitive or the product that is being used are causing the effective maskne

More about Maskacne

In this current pandemic scenario, when greater oxidative stress emerges due to psychological complaints and sleep deprivation, the maintenance of routine dermatological care is crucial to maintain skin homeostasis and minimize cutaneous issues. Skin repair can be enhanced by good sleep thus, medical intervention by a sleep specialist may be required. Further studies are warranted to better elucidate the role of sleep-in mask-wearing and acne and to develop a better medical practice that aims to offer a better quality of life to those individuals suffering from this condition during the current pandemic. Thereby, having the cause and effect of wearing a mask can be curable as well as the hectic part for the day to be relived with wearing the mask that is causing severe irritation and itchiness. The recommendation is also given for the prevention of mask acne that when you are wearing masks avoid or exclude doing make-overs or using heavy products that can cause, bulky of sweat and moisture on the skin causing irritation and the pores to be fully clogged causing oily and damp skin and becoming resistible of wearing any sort of mask. Prefer a surgical mask that would go with any of the skin types without causing any effect.


Although wearing a mask is extremely important, to fight against COCID-19 thereby general public should be aware of proper and rational use of wearing masks. The surgical or N95 masks should be opened up every 4 hours if possible and should be replaced in 2-3 days respectively. Washing hands before and after wearing the mask is recommended. Suggestions of applying good cleansing products and emollients containing oil control ingredients are preferred. By employing these nonpharmacologic maneuvers, the condition of mask acne might be relieved.

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