How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight – Are you tired of being the butt of jokes  all because of those extra fats oozing out of your body? Extra weight could lead to embarrassment, loss of confidence in oneself.  So in this article we are going to share best tips to lose weight naturally. So that People do not feel any shame to mock a person who is overweight in front of everyone. Some might survive the mockery but the other with a soft heart might feel broken from inside. Body shaming can lead to suicide too in the most severe cases.

Best ways to lose weight

Weight loss and maintaining the other life doesn’t go hand in hand if you are not determined enough. It needs a lot of  patience and hard work to lose weight. Anyone can shed those extra kilos one he/she has thought of losing weight. Do not focus on the short time weight loss programs they are not worth your attention. Weight loss takes time and patience. So, do not get tempted by the every other weight loss plan or ideas.

Losing weight is pretty much daunting task. You need nerves of steel to control the urge too eat junk, to do exercise. Plus it is very difficult to manage your diet and workouts in today’s lifestyle. You need to stick to you diet plan and workouts. This way you not only lose weight but also feel happy as it will bring a radiant glow on your face.

Reasons for weight gain

There are so many reasons by which you can gain weight. But many of the people are not aware of the reasons. So we have brought you the reasons by which you gain weight. Thus in future you can prevent yourself from gaining weight.

  • Depression
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Missing nutrients
  • Improper diet
  • Intake of junk food
  • Certain diseases like thyroid also lead to weight gain.
  • Overeating
  • Dehydration
  • No workout at all
  • Improper sleep
  • Increasing age
  • Excess intake of sweet

Best Ways to Lose Weight

So if you are looking for the best answers for your query i.e. How to lose weight. Then follow the Below mentioned best ideas or ways to lose weight.

Cut down the carbs for weight loss

By cutting down the carbs you do not have to totally boycott the carbs as they are important too for your body.

Best method to lose weight

  • You just need to balance the amount of carbs you take on a daily basis. You can also contact to a nutritionist or dietician for asking the exact amount of carbs you need to take.
  • Watch the food you consume on how much carbs it have and then eat accordingly.

Eat your fruits and drink vegetables

It’s a myth that eating  vegetables and drink fruits will make you slim. In real doing the opposite can actually do that for you. Converting the fruits in juices can lead to the loss of essential nutrients and fibers in them and same will be done if you will eat vegetables. Vegetable soup can make you slim in less number of days.

best method for weight loss

  • In real doing the opposite can actually do that for you. Converting the fruits in juices can lead to the loss of essential nutrients and fibers in them and same will be done if you will eat vegetables.
  • Vegetable soup can make you slim in less number of day accompanied with right workout.

Do not eat out of boredom

Many people eat just because they get bored. Anyone should not eat just because they do not have anything to eat.

Best way for weight loss

  • This is really wrong because you eat even if you are not hungry this lead to the extra fat consumption and ultimately make you fat.
  • Not only boredom people often eat due to their overwhelming emotions like happiness, sadness etc. We should control ourselves in these situations.

Strict 7 pm rule

Make it your habit to not take any fats or carbs after 7 pm.

Best way for weight loss

  • Your dinner should be low on fats and carbs as there is less physical activity at night so food needs more time to digest.
  • If you will have a heavy diet it will be difficult for your body to digest the food and it will end up in making as fat. Ultimately you will turn fat.

Hydrate yourself

Drink as much water as you can. Water is the best natural method to lose weight faster.

Best method to lose weight

  • Water helps you to burn fat faster. It not only burn your fats but also brings a radiant glow on your face like never before. Water is the best method to lose weight.
  • Minimum 8 glasses of water on a daily basis can magically burn the fats and make you look slim in fewer days. Other than burning fats water has other endless benefits too.
  • It keeps you healthy and fit for a long run. So now you don’t have just one reason to drink water.

Drink more eat less

Make this you diet rule that you have to drink more instead of munching on foods that contain extra fats and calories.

Best way to lose weight

  • Drinking more can reduce your hunger pangs. Drinking water before the meal can make you eat less.
  • And eating less will ultimately lead to the use of stored fats in the body which will help you to lose weight. Try consuming liquid instead of munching on foods.
  • Go on a liquid diet for a while and notice the changes in you.
Why is motivation important?

Without motivating yourself you cannot lose weight. You will surely lose all hopes at a certain point of time then motivation will help you in keep you going.

Best way to lose weight

  • Trust me losing weight is not an easy task. You need to have lots and lots of determination to get through the tough period of losing weight.
  • Remember weight loss takes time and you need to be very patient to see the results. For motivation you can go through various fitness images, videos, articles, contact with your friend.
  • Any of them can help you to lose weight instantly they will get you motivated.

Do more of walking

Walking has always been the very best method not only for burning fats but also to prevent you from various diseases.

Best way to lose weight

  • Instead of using vehicles even for going to the nearer places walk to them. Instead of using lifts, use stairs. Following good habits will lead to a healthy life and a fit you.
  • Any physical activity needs energy and energy come from the fats and carbs. So if you will prefer walking on a daily basis you will observe the sudden changes in you.
  • One more advantage of walking is that you will be far away from diseases and this will bring a natural glow to your face.


Yoga is one of the very best and efficient method for losing weight. Everyone should do it in order to get healthy and fit.

Best way to lose weight

  • Now even the western countries have adopted this method for a better and healthy life.Yoga have undoubtedly endless benefits.
  • You can very easily rely on yoga for a getting a good life. It prevents you from various diseases, help in curing certain medical conditions and what not.
  • If you will do yoga for at least 30 minutes a day you will see the beautiful change in your body in very less time.

Green tea

There is a lot of hype about green tea and I must say that it is surely worth the hype.

Best way to lose weight

  • Some  people say that it is good for nothing and the others just can’t stop praising it. You have to use it wisely to get the better results.
  • Two cups twice a day would be enough for you. And what would be better to start the day with a cup of green tea.
  • Green tea contains catechins an antioxidant which helps in burning fats faster.

Do not skip meals

Skipping meal can lead to worsen the situation. Skipping the meals could make you more fat.

Best way to lose weight

  • Eat every meal of the day if you wish to skip you skip the dinner but not in the day. And also do not take large breaks in between your meals.
  • Eat after every two hour and by eating I do not mean eat your heart out just take lighter snacks or something to satiate yourself.

Sound sleep

This may sound lame in this list of how to lose weight.

Best way to weight loss

  • But trust me this is one of the best way to prevent yourself from extra kilos. You should take at least 6 -8 hours of sleep.
  • This will help you to lose weight faster.

Avoid shortcuts

There are unlimited shortcuts made for losing weight but you have to make sure that you do not get tempted by these easy methods.

  • They will firstly not help in losing weight and secondly they will get you into trouble.
  • They can make you sick because they have lots of side effects.

Avoid junk

People nowadays always go for junk rather than eating proper home made food.

  • But if you want to lose weight or you do not want to gain fats.
  • So you have to stop consuming them right now. They not only make you fat but also brings a variety of diseases.

Hit the gym

If you do not want to exercise at home so gym is the best option for you.

Best method to lose weight

  • You can workout for 2 -3 hours in order to get the best shape or lose those extra kilos.
  • You can do the specific exercises for particular fat present.
  • Choose a nearby gym so that you can walk the distance.

Make notes

Write down what you eat.

  • So when you will go through you will realize what you have eaten and what you should not eat for next time.
  • This will improve your regular diet and will stop you from eating junk.

Help yourself with mirror

Mirror proves to be your best friend it shows you the reality.

  • Eat in front of the mirror.
  • This will make you eat less.
  • And eating less might help you in getting slim faster.

Stay happy

Happiness is the best key to stay healthy and fit.

Best way to be happy

  • If you will stay happy and motivated no one can stop you from losing weight. Happiness not only helps in burning fats but also it helps to keep you healthy for a long run. You can be happy for many reasons.
  • Do things that will make you feel happy be it shopping, gossiping,listening to music.
  • Hang out with your friends of family.
  • Go for a movie or something.

Avoid sitting for long time

Sitting for long time is not good at all.

  • This not only make space for fats to get stored but also make you prone to various diseases.
  • You should avoid sitting for long continous hours.
  • You should get indulged in physical activities.

Be creative in losing weight

Once you decide to lose weight then no one can stop you from doing it.

  • Be creative
  • Use certain tricks to eat less
  • For eg. use small plates  for eating, don’t eat out of boredom.

Get involved in sports

If even the thought of exercise and gym makes you feel sick then sports is the best option for you.

Best method to lose weight

  • You can play any sport in which you have interest
  • Play for at least 1 -2 hours daily.
  • This will help in burning fats very easily and faster.
General tips for weight loss

Below mentioned are the general tips that you can follow to lose weight faster but safely.

  • Eat more of fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Dump junk foods from your house.
  • Do not get bored and eat out of boredom. Stay busy.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Exercise daily.


If you have been looking for the best tips to lose weight I hope article might have helped you. Above mentioned are the very best methods that you can apply in your daily life to lose weight. Losing weight can be a very easy task if you choose the right ways to do it. You do not have to starve yourself and exercise a lot instead you can choose the healthy and right way which you can enjoy.

In this way losing weight will not be a tough and annoying task. You will really enjoying losing weight. Just follow the given ideas or tips to get yourself the best shape of figure.

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