How to Control Diabetes

How to Control Diabetes – Are you suffering from diabetes? Do face pre-diabetic or borderline diabetes? Are you facing issues due to gestational diabetes or type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes? Diabetes can be dangerous to your health and life. Many problems have been associated with diabetes. It can put your life at risk. The problems being associated with diabetes are heart problems, blood pressure problems, kidney problems, pregnancy complications to a multitude of issues. In this post, we will share some ways on how to control diabetes.

Diabetes has become very common nowadays. The health condition which was associated with old age has now spread to even the tender aged children. The common reason behind the rapid growth is the unhealthy lifestyle. Well, following some preventive measurements is always a healthy practice. If you are a person with a history or family lineage with diabetes, then you should know how to control diabetes. The irregular blood glucose or sugar levels can make life difficult and can affect generations to come.How to Control Diabetes


Diabetes is dangerous if taken lightly. The health condition not only can affect the health of your heart, kidney, eye etc but also can get the person to a state of coma and to the extent death. Get hold of irregular blood sugar levels in the body.

Ways To Take Control Over Diabetic Problems

Want to know how to control diabetic? We have listed some of the best ways to take control over diabetic conditions:

Foods That Control Diabetes:

Ways to Control Diabetes

Making healthy changes to diet is a good practice. Your calorie intake should be between 1500 to 1800 calories with the recommended value in a diet should be in the range of 60:20:20 i.e. Carbs: Fats: Proteins. Avoid foods with artificial sugar, trans fat, processed food & sugar. Restrict yourself from eating too much of salt or sodium. We have listed some good foods to eat which help control blood glucose levels effectively:

  • Apples
  • Avocado
  • Barley
  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • All types of nuts
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Carrots
  • Fish
  • Flaxseed
  • Milk and Yogurt

Weight Loss Management is Important To Control Diabetes

 weight loss tips

Being a heavyweight can put you at risk! If you are a person who is overweight or is obese then it is time to lose some kilos. Weight is an issue as it prevents the insulin from transforming glucose to energy. Thus, this causes high blood glucose levels. It is best to lose some weight even if it means a few grams. Maintain a healthy body and height weight proportion to stay fit.  Losing to the least of 5% to 10% of body weight will make things lighter.

Physical Activities Is Must

Exercise to control diabetes

Your body can catch up worse situations if you are not doing proper exercise. It is good for every diabetic patient to go for a short walk. Vigorous exercises are not required especially with type 1 diabetes. If you are facing problems in doing exercises, then consult a doctor as due to improper functioning of insulin, the energy level can decrease causing problems. Take a proper walk with good hand and leg movement which help enhance muscle movement. Do apply yoga and simple exercises daily

Tips To Take Control Over Diabetic Conditions:

Tips to control diabetes

Here are some simple tips that should be followed frequently to have a healthy life ahead:

  1. Always have a balanced diet with an intake of sodium and sugarless. Do not skip meals or have heavy meals at a time.
  2. Frequently get your diabetes checkup. This includes A1C test once in three months. This is done to take a track record of your diabetes in past three months. Make sure the diabetes level should be below 7 or recommended level as per your doctor.
  3. Do your blood pressure test frequently to check the pressure of blood. It shouldn’t be below 140/90 as high pressure can affect your heart, kidneys, eyes etc.
  4. Take a count on your cholesterol numbers which varies from person to person. This includes LDL or “bad” cholesterol or HDL or “good” cholesterol.
  5. Lower stress levels will help you. Do medication daily or consult a health counselor to guide you.
  6. Drink loads of water in place of juice. Fresh juice with lower sugar content is best for you as an alternative.
  7. Avoid smoking and drinking & alcohol as it could make health severe.
  8. Daily check your body for cut, blisters or swellings as it can be a symptom to worry.
  9. Adopt healthy habits like brushing teeth daily twice in a day.
  10. Annually have the exams were done which include – cholesterol test, complete foot exam, dental exam to check teeth and gums, dilated eye exam to check for eye problems, flu shot, urine and a blood test to check for kidney problems.


Diabetes can be dangerous for your health. It is recommended to follow strict rules to prevent those deadly levels from going high. In case you are thinking of taking supplements, then consult a doctor for best results. Gestational women should be more careful and consult a gynecologist and nutritionist will be a good decision for the safety of mother and baby. I hope the article was of good use for you.

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