Homeopathic Remedies to Increase Sex Time

Homeopathic remedies to increase sex time – You might have encountered the question that how to last for a longer time in bed? or, how to increase the sex time? Here in this article, you find answers to all your questions. We have for you the Homeopathic Remedies to increase sex time now you could last longer in bed with your partner by avoiding premature ejaculation.

If you want to improve your sexual performance like stamina, time duration then use the this product and do healthy sexual intercourse. 

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There are many homeopathic remedies by which you could increase your sex time or duration with your partner. Get to know about these homeopathic remedies which could help in getting rid of early ejaculation. Intimacy between the couple is very important for good relation, therefore, any problem, while you are getting close, may cause some stress between the spouses.

Now make you love to experience more and amazing by lasting longer with your partner in bed. All this is possible with the help of homeopathy. Have a look at the homeopathic remedies to increase sex time.

How could homeopathic remedies help you?

Homeopathy is considered as very effective and safe mode of treatment which does not have any side effects on the body like other medicines. In homeopathy, it works from the root of the problem, cure the problem so that they won’t be any scope of it to happen again.

Premature Ejaculation is associated with several factors such as erectile dysfunction, stress, anxiety, relationship problems and some biological causes. The homeopathic medicines are very effective and work from the basic level of the problem and cure it completely of the roots. Homeopathy remedies is also beneficial for impotence in old age and middle age as well.

The homeopathic medicines are very easy to take and the person does not become habitual of it. Homeopathic medicines to increase sex time do not have any harmful effects on the male reproductive system. There are several medicines in the homeopathy to avoid premature ejaculation and give you some extra time in bed with your partner.  Below are the list of five best homeopathic remedies to increase the sexual time of the individual.

Let us take look at these medicines which are helpful in increasing the sex duration by avoiding premature ejaculation.

Lycopodium Clavatum (Best medicine for sexually long time)

Lycopodium Clavatum

Lycopodium Clavatum is the best way in homeopathy to get the solution for the impotence or premature ejaculation in men.

It is kind of clubmosses, also recognized as creeping cedar or ground lines present in the forests.

Lycopodium Clavatum is very helpful in dealing with low confidence, anticipation anxiety, premature emission, enlarge prostate.

Lycopodium helpful in dealing with the premature ejaculation it is the best way by which you could increase your sex duration with your partner.

Apart from this it also has many other benefits which help in keeping you healthy sexually.

Argentum Nitricum (Homeopathy medicine for stregth and stamina)

Argentum Nitricum

Argentum nitricum is well known as silver nitrate in terms of chemical science.

It is used for the antiseptic purpose in the form of the diluted solution and it is very much effective on the problem.

If you do not get any desire for sex or proper erection do not take place during the intercourse then Argentum Nitricum is the best homeopathic remedy for you.

It is also helpful and effective in getting rid of the physical anxiety, nervous, emotions, impotence problems.



Ashwagandha is famous as Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, and Withania somnifera. These are some of the name given to it  in different regions but all these do the same work.

If you are facing, Physical weakness, low sperm density, nervousness, premature ejaculation, weakness of male organ low sperm count, then Ashwagandha is the best homeopathic remedy for you without any doubt.

Other than the sexual benefits, it is also beneficial for another purpose as well by many.

It is very effective on problems and doesn’t cause any side effect.

Damiana or Turnera diffusa 

Damiana or Turnera diffusa

Damiana is commonly famous as Turnera diffusa by the people.

You can find it in the Mexico, western Texas in the United States, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Homeopathic daminana is very much effective in dealing with sexual problems. It is helpful as an aphrodisiac, also help to boost sexual performances by increasing sex time.

If you are facing problems like losses of libido, anxiety, sexual insufficient, and sadness then this the best homeopathic remedy for you

Agnus castus

Agnus castus

The other names for Agnus castus are chaste berry, chaste tree, Vitex, monk’s pepper, Abraham’s Balm etc.

Agnus castus is beneficial to treat prostatic hyperplasia at the initial stage before it gets worse, also use to urine problem and for reducing the excess sexual desire which is the main cause of premature ejaculation.

If you are having the problems like impotency, and urethra discharge, sexual passion, penis relaxed when excited, and incomplete erection. Then this the bets homeopathic remedy for you.

This is very effective in improving sexual health for the person without any side effects.


Taking homeopathic remedies is fine, it does not cause any side effect.  But it is also important for an individual to have a good lifestyle and healthy diet only. Then these homeopathic remedies to increase sex time will work effectively.  Aforementioned are the top sex medicine homeopathy that you can trust and use to get the best possible results.

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