Home Remedies To Treat Piles

Home Remedies To Treat Piles –  Pile is a condition that causes swelling and inflammation in the rectum and anus which results in bleeding and discomfort. It is also known as Haemorrhoid. It occurs mostly during bowel movements, pregnancy, or obesity. The common symptom of the pile is discomfort while sitting or bowel movement. 

Home Remedies To Treat Piles

Itching and bleeding are also its symptoms. The best way to deal with the piles is by taking a diet high in fiber with a combination of stool softeners. Also, some persons need a medical procedure to remove piles and get relief. Some of the main symptoms of piles include pain in areas like the rectum, pain while sitting, anal discomfort, itchiness, swelling, or bleeding, and constipation. 

Home Remedies To Treat Piles

Piles can be best treated with the help of home remedies. Some of the home remedies that can help well in the treatment of piles are:

Witch Hazel 

To reduce both the pain and itching, Witch hazel is the best relief provider. It can reduce swelling as it is a natural anti-inflammatory property. You can apply Witch Hazel directly to the piles and can purchase it in liquid form. Also, it is the main ingredient of anti-itching products such as soaps and wipes. 

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is known for ages for its immense skin and health benefits. It also helps in reducing irritation because of its anti-inflammatory property. Aloe vera being safe for topical use Is best for the pile treatment as well. Not only these many products have Aloe vera gel as the main ingredient. But for piles, you must prefer natural and pure aloe vera gel which can only be scooped out directly from aloe vera plant leaf.

People who are allergic to garlic and onions must think twice before using aloe vera as it can also prove allergic to them. You can do patch testing for a check. 

Warm Bath with Epsom Salt

For getting a soothing effect on the irritation caused by the piles, Warm Baths can work magic. Take a full-body bath by taking a small plastic tub. After every bowel movement take a warm bath for 20 minutes and this will be more effective. To get rid of pain try adding Epsom Salts to the bath. 

Over-The-Counter Ointments 

Being found in every drug store and offering immediate relief, Over-The-Counter Ointments and creams are best. It helps piles in healing faster and reduces swelling as well. 

Soothing wipes

Toilet paper can aggravate the existing piles if used just after the bowel movements. Hence wipes serve best as they do not cause further irritation and keeps you clean. Wipes come with added soothing and ant-hemorrhoid ingredients such as aloe vera or witch hazel. Do not go for the wipes containing perfumes, alcohol, or any other irritating ingredients. These substances can make the situation worse rather than providing you the relief. 

Cold Compresses

For getting relief from the anus swelling for 15 minutes try cold compresses to the anus or apply ice packs. It can be an effective treatment in case of large painful piles. 

Note: Do not apply ice directly to the skin try wrapping it inside a cloth or paper towel.

Stool softeners 

Stool softeners can help in getting relief from the symptoms of piles such as constipation, pain on bowel movements, etc. they are fiber supplements that not only reduce constipation but make it easier to have quick pain-free bowel movements. They come in different forms such as powders, liquids, capsules which you can take once or thrice a day.

Loose cotton clothing 

Try wearing breathable light fabrics that allow the interchanging of air and helps in keeping the anal clean and dry. Say no to perfumed detergents and fabric softeners as they can irritate.


Hence these are the home remedies to treat piles. But it’s imperative to note that they might not show any effect on you. if even after two weeks of following them you see no positive results consult the doctor immediately.

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