Home Remedies To Cure Cough and Cold

Home Remedies To Cure Cough and Cold – Winters are on and so is with the problems related to it. Cough and cold become our best friends in this fizzy weather. What all is required is to protect ourselves from the fizzy weather. Well, you need not worry as cough and cold can be treated not only by medications but naturally as well. There are a lot of Home Remedies To Cure Cough and Cold

Home Remedies To Cure Cough and Cold

Many Indian households believe that the best way to cure a common cold and cough is by trusting home remedies. Also, the best thing to note about these home remedies is that along with the treatment of the cough and cold they do not have any side effects. Hence it’s best to follow the remedies and set yourself free from cold and cough these winters. 

Home Remedies To Cure Cough and Cold 

There are a lot of home remedies that can help you well in the treatment of the cough and cold. Some of the best home remedies for cough and cold treatment are:

Ginger Tea  

Ginger tea helps well in the treatment of cold and cough. Not only this it is best at taste too. It helps in expelling the phlegm from the respiratory tract by drying the running and the dripping nose. No doubt ginger has a lot of health benefits but it is best for soothing the common cold and speeding the process of recovery. 

Mixture Of Lemon, honey, and cinnamon

A Mixture Of Lemon, honey, and cinnamon is also one of the best home remedies for the cure of cold and cough. This syrup is best at curing and providing you relief from the common cold and cough.   

How to prepare: Take half spoon of honey and add cinnamon to it and now add a few drops of the lemon. For better relief try taking this syrup twice a day. 

Luke-warm Water 

To fight against the common cold and sore throat try drinking lukewarm water frequently. As it is best at reducing the throat inflammation and replenishing the infection and the fluids out of the body. 


It is one of the best remedies for cough and sore throat. Even it works better than the medicines. You can create any of the remedies 

  • Two tablespoons of honey with herbal tea 
  • Tablespoons (2tbsp.) of honey with warm water  
  • Two tablespoons of honey with lemon 

Lemon juice will help in congestion while honey can be soothing. You can use consume honey in form of a snack by spreading it over bread. 

Salt Water 

Respiratory infections can be cured by gargling with hot water. Also, the severity of the cold symptoms can be decreased by saltwater intake. Hence it is best to ease nasal congestion and sore throat. Gargling with saltwater can loose and reduce mucus. You can try this by adding one teaspoon of salt to a glass full of water. Swish it in the throat and mouth and then spit it off. 


Garlic is rich in antimicrobial properties as it contains a compound called allicin. The severity of the cold symptoms can be reduced by adding garlic to your diet. Also, garlic saved you from getting sick in the first place. Hence garlic is a lot beneficial in curing a cold and cough. And also consuming more garlic will not draw you any side effects. 

Turmeric and milk 

Being the king of all Indian kitchens, turmeric is the main ingredient in almost every kitchen in India. Being a strong antioxidant it is the best cure for a lot of health issues. One of the best and the effective way of dealing with the cough and the cold is by adding the turmeric into the warm milk. To ensure a faster recovery from cold and cough try drinking the turmeric milk before hitting the bed. 

Flaxseeds for cough and cold

This is another remedy for treating the cough and the cold. All you need to do is to boil the flax seeds and strain them when a thick mixture appears. Now add lime juice and honey to it and consume it and get instant relief from the cough and cold.


Hence these are the best home remedies you can use for curing the cough and cold. The best thing to jot about them is they are all-natural and has zero side effect. 


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