Foods That Increase Breast Size

Foods That Increase Breast Size – Are you ashamed of your breast size? Have you tried all the creams but could not see visible results? Diet is one such aspect which helps you get the worth of every remedy. A good eating habit is the backbone of all effective solutions. Want to have fuller and firmer breasts? Why not makes changes in your diet? In this blog, we have listed some good foods that increase breast size.

Size matters, ladies! One of the most feminine feelings comes from good bust size. Much debate on the point whether foods actually can help enhance them? Well, it is possible! We all look for natural ways and believe me, if you are a foodie, you will love this post. Eating healthy is good as well as it enhances your personality. Gorge on some super foods that increase breast size. Now getting that lovely pair is not a dream anymore!

Foods That Increase Breast Size

Some Healthy Tips For Healthy & Firmer Breasts

Eating healthy is just a step which needs to be balanced with a good act. Following some habits is a good practice which help you get quick results. We have listed some good tips to get those fuller, bigger & firmer busts.

  • It is a good practice of maintaining healthy posture.
  • The idea behind bra is to lift the breasts. Thus, opt for a good size bra. It should not be too big or too small.
  • Avoid wearing tight bras as they are not for you.
  • Exercise to enhance them. It is a good to do regular yoga or any other exercise of muscle. (Don’t worry you won’t look muscular till you go professional).
  • If you thin, then surely gain some good weight.
  • Avoid wearing a bra at night as it could increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Never pad the bra or wear a bra that makes your bust bulging out or flat.
  • One can opt for a padded bra or pushup bra. Remember to buy a comfortable one.
  • It is best to avoid buying thin bras as they are good to look but flattening on wearing.

Breasts size is a matter of importance. The hormones are to be blamed for their size. This affects reproductive and sex life of a couple. You would prefer having fuller and healthier busts especially if you are pregnant or a lactating mother. The capability of milk production gets effected which not good for child’s immunity.

Foods For Breast Enhancement

Top Foods That Help Increase Breast Size

No denying the fact that we want fuller, bigger & firmer breast. The over production of Testosterone is one the main reasons behind small breasts in women, as per the study.  Thus, we need diet changes to control its production, increase estrogen hormone, improves breast tissues & much more. Here is a list of foods that increase breast size.

Foods Rich In Estrogen:

Estrogen hormones are responsible for good breast size. Thus, eating foods that are rich in estrogen is a good way of healthy & bigger boob size. They help in breast enhancement. The following Foods are rich in estrogen:

  1. Fruits: Apple, Cherries, and Plums
  2. Dry-Fruits: Almond and Cashew-Nuts
  3. Spices: Clover, Cumin
  4. Grains: Barley, Rice, and Wheat
  5. Vegetables: Beets, Carrots, and Cucumber
  6. Seeds: Flax Seed, Fenugreek Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Fennel Seeds
  7. Herbs: Garlic, Parsley

Foods Rich In Phytoestrogen:

Phytoestrogen is a good way to get the good results. The foods are healthy and help grasp the better results. It is a compound which affects the estrogens activities in the female body. They help control imbalance of hormones, increases libidos & treat other hormones issues causing small breasts.

  • Winter-Squash and Soya-Bean Sprouts
  • Red Wine and White Wine.
  • Green Tea and Black Tea
  • Dried Prunes, Strawberry, Rasp-Berry, and Watermelon
  • Pistachios, Cashews, and Walnuts
  • Green Beans and Collards

Additions To The Diet Chart For Increasing Bust Size

We have listed you some herbs which are good for enhancing breast size. You can make herbal tea or infused green tea. They can be taken as a supplement or simply add to your diet as a salad.

  1. Red Clover
  2. Saw Palmetto Berry
  3. Dandelion Root
  4. Pomegranate Juice
  5. Marshmallow Root


Eat a diet which is rich in phytoestrogen & estrogen. They help balance the hormones & increase the size of your bust. Regular massage of 100 to 300 circular rounds twice in a day can help you increase the size quickly. For massage, you can use oil, cream or homemade paste. Be gentle enough. In hope, the article was of good use for you.

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