Foods To Avoid In Kidney Stones

Foods To Avoid In Kidney Stones – Are you suffering from kidney stones? Want some advised on what foods to avoid in kidney stones? Unhealthy eating and living style makes our health deteriorate. The unhealthy eating habits and less detoxification takes place which builds up into small stones in the kidney can persist. They are painful and cause problems thereafter. 

Health conditions like kidney stones have a nature to persist again and again once it happens which has the chances of 70% to 80%. Healthy eating habit and hydration is the key to avoiding inconvenience thereafter in the future.

Foods To Avoid In Kidney Stones

A diet is essential in one’s life. What you eat, you always show up directly or indirectly! Thus keep a track of what you eat and it is best to avoid rather suffer and regret. Kidney stones are one such health condition which requires care especially when it comes to diet. If you are suffering from such a condition then you should know the list of food to avoid in kidney stones.

What Are Kidney Stone?

A common health condition which is affecting billions globally, Kidney stones are a result of the loss of water. The minerals get accumulated in the inner lining of the kidneys which causes stones buildup. They are likely to be painful and vary from sizes to a small pebble to as large as a golf ball.

The stones appear like sharp and crystalline structure which varies on sizes. They are common and can be easily treated if the stone is small in size but if it is large then medication will be required. Many doctors suggest foods avoid in kidney stones to avoid the increment in the size if the stone which can increase the pain.

Foods To Avoid In Kidney Stones

List Of Foods To Avoid During Kidney Stones

When you are suffering from a kidney stone, you are likely to keep a watch on what you consume. A healthy diet is mandatory but with little changes to it if you do not want to increase the issue due to what you ate last time. We bring you foods to avoid in kidney stones which are as follows:

No Fizz Drinks

 fizz drinks

When you are going through Kidney stones, you may have been advised to drink load and loads of liquid and keep yourself hydrated. Yes! It true but that does not mean you should drink drinks like cold drinks and fizzy drinks. They are rich in phosphate which is bad for a kidney stone.

Water is the best thing and drinks to consume but when it comes to liquids you should avoid fizzy drinks like Pepsi, Cola and even the preservative juices which have artificial sweetener.  Sugary drinks can actually increase the issue rather dissolving the stone.

Avoid Packed & Fast Foods

Avoid Packed & Fast Foods

Packed food like Maggi, Tuna, Chips & Fast food should be avoided at the most. When we say ignore, we mean completely avoid eating that food. The high amount of sodium can make the issues worse. They are not good for kidney or even your health. Thus, say no to junk and packed food.



Soybean contains oxalate which binds the calcium in the kidney to form stones. Many studies have indicated that eating too much of soybean can make the chances of kidney stone high. So, if you are suffering from kidney stones, then avoid soy and soybean completely.

No Nuts

 No Nuts

Nuts are also rich in Oxalate which is bad for kidney stone patients. The variety of nuts like peanuts, tree nuts, almond, hazelnuts, pecans etc should be avoided completely. Even the dark chocolates having nuts should be completely avoided to get the stones dissolved sooner.

Avoid Dark Chocolate

 Avoid Dark Chocolate

If you are choco lover, then completely avoid it to get better! Dark chocolates contain Oxalate which increases the issue but the main compound behind is  Tyramine which increases the issue of urinary oxalate excretion which is painful. This increases the risk of forming stones in future.

Avoid Eating Certain Roots & Leaves

 oxalate rich leaves and roots

Roots and leaves which are rich in oxalates like Okra, Beets, Spinach etc should be avoided. They increase the issue and may increase the problems in near future for you.


Kidney stones need the care to avoid the stone become painful and big as a ball. If you are suffering from it, it is best to avoid other food material like wheat bran, buckwhea, even Tomoto should be avoided. Cut on eating animal protein like meat. Those foods which are high in oxalates and phosphate should be avoided at best. If you are taking calcium then take as per recommended Dietary allowance (RDA).

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