Difference Between Men and Women Hair

Difference Between Men and Women Hair ­­­­­– Do you love to do shopping a lot? Were you thinking of going for a bath when you actually realized that someone actually used your shampoo? Ok! That is really bad when you have a whole lot of sweaty hair. Whether you are a man or woman, surely god made you unique. The masculine and feminine body differs on many points. We will discuss the difference between men and women hair and their products.

Hairs are subjected too little difference when it comes to the feminine and masculine body. Men hairs grow faster than women even though the difference is of length. Men tend to have their hair short and clean. On the other hand, women have long and wavy hairs. It can differ with modern time where women love short hair with a clean cut. In this article, we will tell you about the difference between men and women hair and their related products.

Men and Women Hair

Difference of Nature Of Skin Affecting Facial Hair

The hairs of men are subjected to more oil glands which make them sweat more. This is due to the male hormone testosterone which secretes more oils. On the other hand, women secrete less oil. The scalp area is also subjected to sweat more often leading to sticking of dirt and dust. This is the reason why some of the men prefer to wash their hair on regular basis.

The skin of a man has less nerve fiber which accounts for less sensitivity to pain. The facial hairs like the mustache and beard have a difference. Ladies tend to opt for threading, waxing, razor etc whereas gents use a razor to none. Besides the blades, we have a difference which makes the skin react differently to these. Men do shave on daily basis. It destroys the hydrolipidic film which makes their skin rough by removing the natural protection and lubrication. The women do this process which is once in a week to after several months. This gives the skin time to recover and restore the natural softness.

Is There Any Difference Between Men and Women Hairs

If you physiologically see, men and women actually do not differ when it comes to those manes. Both can have silky, thick to coarse and brittle hair. They can have hair fall to fuller hairs which have nothing to do with gender. The main thing that differs is when you go to a barber or hairdresser. He will surely tell you the difference! What can it be thinking? Ahaan! It’s the Haircut. The men mostly have short hairstyles and easy to manage nature. They use hair gels to fix them which are not strong. The gels have been found to make those strands turn white if you excessively use it or use a local brand.

Ladies are conscious about their hair. The hairs are a priceless position for both but females are more consciousness as it is their pride. They usually have long strands with more variety to what haircut you would prefer. Modern styles include short length cuts too. One can surely understand why hair extensions & wigs are so popular amongst the ladies. Yeah! All girls love those longs strands and can be comfortable with side haircuts like those of football maniacs too.

Men and womenhair

Do hair Products Really Differ For Men & Women?

A cosmetic product to toiletry product, you will come across few dialogs. Like, it’s made for ladies to especially for gents. One may get into the trap like what possibly can be the difference? Recently saw an ad for fairness cream which said, why to use girl’s cream when you have men’s cream. I know it differs with the hair topic but it has a point. A good marketing strategy! Yup, you got it right! A product for men to women does not differ much as their skin and hair have little to with the application.

Psychology plays a good role here. We all agree men and women have different skin but their hairs have similar nature. The products are differentiating on the outer part. We have listed a few points which will help you get the point:

  1. The Fragrance Of Hair Products: Too much of fragrance is not liked by manly hunks. It is like it’s not their type as per many men feel. The flowery scents and overpowering sweet smell is fascinating about the feminine side. Men’s products have a characteristic of strong smell. They can be overpowering yet not sweet at all.
  2. Moisture Locking Formula: Some men like to wash their hair daily. It is all due to the active glands which secrete more of oil. On the other hand, women are likely to wash twice to thrice in a week. Men have shorter hair. Thus, products like hair dyes shampoos may come in 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products.
  3. Pinching Price: It is aching to see that men products are highly pricey if compared to that of women. Though that product will do the same on both gender hairs but still. It is because men have short hairs and do not need great quantity to quench their need.


Hairs are a fantasy for all whether you are a man or woman. The difference between men and women hair and their products is mainly a conception. It differs with your skin type or hair type. Your likes will define the kind of product you would actually like to have. Like if you do not mind the strawberry smell, then you can simply have the shampoo for yourself.

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