Best Skin Whitening Cream Brands In India

Best Skin Whitening Cream In India (Top Fairness Cream brands) – Looking for top Skin lightening cream Brands in India of 2020 and 2021? Do you want a face tone lighter? Want to whiten and brighten up the face? Are you fed up of those black marks & blemishes ruining your best look? A flawless skin is everyone’s demand! So if you Want the best skin whitening cream in India. When we say flawless, we mean even and spot free face. So in this article, we are going to share best skin lightening cream brands in India which help you in choosing the right product.

best skin whitening cream in India

The environment is polluted and contributes to the worst face issues. The problems are increasing. These include black spots, blemishes, blackheads, pimples, and acne. OH! God! They look horrible. So, even if you have had taken good care of them, they surely leave some marks of disappointment. Skin whitening cream has been helpful in this.

The Indian skin is some of the most adored complexions worldwide. Thus, be proud of the face you are in! No matter what tone you own, we always want to have a solution to the even complexion. Thus, we bring you some of the best skin whitening cream in India for you.

Benefits Of Owning A Good Skin Lightening Creams

One must have observed that even the fairest beauties have tried these products and maybe looking for best whitening cream for the face in India. It’s a fact! So, just because you are dark and whitish, it does not mean that you really need them to get that white skin. These creams have the super potential to bleach out melanin which causes those uneven tones. Why consider skin lightening creams? We give you the advantages! They help in lightening the following:

  • Pimple & Acne Scars.
  • Dark Spots
  • Blemishes and Blotches
  • Discoloration & Pigmentation
  • Dark patches
  • Freckles
  • Lighten Birthmarks
  • Moles

Do not go by blindly by the myth that they completely remove these issues. It is a huge misconception by many. This crème help fades away and lightens them so as to lighten the effect.

Top Selling Skin Whitening Cream Brands In India (2020 – 2021)

Want the best brands for your skin? We have enlisted the best skin whitening cream in India for men and women. They are affordable and above that, they give effective results.

Arlak Face Value Pack for Skin Whitening and Skin Lightening For Oily & Dark Skin

Best Skin Whitening Cream in India
Best Skin Lightening Cream

This is the best skin whitening cream in India for Dark skin and oily skin. Arlak face value pack is ideal for all women to men. It is filled with good ingredients. They help remove hyperpigmentation and other face related issues effectively. It is the best skin whitening cream for dark skin. Even you can consider it as the best skin whitening cream in the world because of its quality features.


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Murtela Skin Lightening Cream For Dark Skin

 Murtela Skin Lightening Cream

The second best brand on our list is by Murtela. You can consider it as the best skin whitening cream for oily skin. The brand is full of wise ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E & much more. It gives a good result to the face by softening, lightening & brightening the skin tone. It is available at Rs439. For knowing more on its effectiveness, you can check the murtela skin lightening cream reviews online.

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Whitening Cream for Oily Skin


With the good benefits of Manuka Honey, Wild Ferns is your ultimate cream. The light and nice fragrance along with creamy effect make the skin brighter. It has Cherry Blossom & Liquorice extracts which make it effective. It is ideal for all face types.

Fair & Lovely Skin Lightening Cream for Glowing Skin

 Fair & Lovely fairness Cream

The brand has been globally known for the best fairness cream for dark skin. The brand Fair & Lovely is present is huge range and variant. They are loved products and known brand when it comes to skin lightening and whitening crème. The product is also available for men as Fair & lovely Men for the manly face. Many of the variants contain SPF for sun protection

Garnier Natural White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream with SPF 17

Garnier Natural White Complete Multi Action fairness Cream with SPF 17

Perfect for every skin, Garnier is a widely appreciated cosmetic brand. The fairness cream has 10 times the power of Vitamin C which is a natural agent of skin lightening. The product is effective in removing dark spots, blemishes and uneven face. It is handy and affordable at a price of Rs 80.

Pond’s Flawless White Visible Skin Lightening Cream for Glowing Skin

 Pond’s Flawless White Visible Skin lightening cream

One of the best whitening creams in India, Pond’s brought a good change. It is ideal for summertime. On the other hand, it suits all skin times. A good ingredient list makes it cost effective.

Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Cream

 Skin Whitening Cream Brands In India

The multi-national brand, Revlon brought a new range of fairness cream. the pink colored tube will be loved by all. It is attractive whether you go for the look or results. It is available at a price of Rs 240.

Tips For Skin Whitening Cream Users

Our country is obsessed with the fair face! We all agree. You can also use some night creams for a fair and glowing skin. A cosmetic product is a product and should not be mixed to get a quicker result. We all did a mistake, even I did the same. Took a whole pea size cream and applied it all on the face and especially the places we thought it required the most. The results was an uneven skin tone or a pale look.

Never do the mistake again! We give you good tips to choose & apply good skin lightening crème:

  1. Always remove the makeup completely & cleanse the face thoroughly.
  2. Avoid areas which do not require to lighten. Thus, areas like the blemishes or dark spots should be targeted. This will reduce the chances of discoloration.
  3. It is best to avoid the sun as far as possible.
  4. Apply a good sunscreen for good protection. Choose the sunscreen with high SPF and broad spectrum which is above SPF 30 or more with UVA and UVB protection
  5. Do a patch test before completely relying on the product.
  6. It is best to discontinue if inflammation, irritation or any side effects persist,
  7. Go for application of moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.
  8. Never overexpose your skin extended to the stipulated time by the manufacturer.
  9. Do not bleach after treating face with Glycolic Acid or Alpha- Hydroxy Acid.
  10. Under cases of rashes or burning sensation, quickly wash the face. It is good to apply coconut oil or ice cubes for 10 to 15 minutes till you get relief. Contact a doctor if problems persist.
  11. Choose Licorice extracts for pigmentation, Salicylic acid, and Glycolic to lighten spots & Spot deacti-complex for brightening skin

The dark face may have once or many times went through the suggestion of applying skin whitening creams but it ain’t. One must learn to love their face and acceptance is the key. You need a cream to feel confident and not be doubted about your beauty.

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