Best Skin Moisturizers For Women

Best Skin Moisturizers For Women – Looking for best Skin moisturizing cream for Women in India of 2021 and 2022. Whom you can use for both oily and dry skin. We often go to the local stores and come in a wide variety of skin moisturizing creams that claim to be perfect. But do we actually know what moisturizers are and what kind of moisturizers will suit our skin type? If not, we will help you knowing it in a better and easy way. Nowadays we can see various superstars endorsing these brands actively. Here we have got you the list of the best natural skin moisturizers for women.

Best skin moisturizers foe women

Both men and women should use moisturizers on a daily basis to get better results. So just go for the below mentioned top selling brands of skin moisturizers for women in order to get best results.

What are skin moisturizers?

A moisturizer is basically a cosmetic product which helps in preventing dryness of the skin. It is made up by mixing several chemical agents that help in radiating our skin and also helps in hydration. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin.Women should use the best brands of skin moisturizers for women.

Why should women use moisturizers?

As we all know that women have sensitive skin that needs to be taken special care of. Moisturizers have different classes which depend on the type of the skin. Be it dry skin, oily skin, aged skin, sensitive skin.  Moisturizer works for all.Now how to tackle the tough part? i.e. choosing the right cream for your skin type. Nothing to worry about below is the list of best moisturizers for all skin types. Therefore you should not waste more time to buy the best skin moisturizers.

Best moisturizers for women (Top Selling Skin Moisturizing Brands)

We can get hundreds of moisturizers in the market but they all are not the same but here is a list of the top 7 brands in India that can do magic to your skin.

Arlak Myivan Moisturizing cream (Best Selling Skin Moisturizing Cream)

This cream is made up by combining aloe vera, which is already a natural moisturizer and vitamin E (AKA Tocopherol), which is an anti-oxidant.It not only softens the skin but also helps in protecting from sun’s harshness. Plus it protects from skin ailments and provides radiant skin.

Best Moisturizing Cream in India

  • You can apply it twice a day for getting better results as soon as possible. The advantage of using this cream is that it is very effective at a cheaper rate.
  • This is the best natural skin moisturizing cream for women.


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Nivea creme

Nivea is one of the oldest cremes in India and effective too. The advantage of this cream is that this is gender neutral i.e men women both can use it.It’s very beneficial for those having dry skin. Regular use of this cream can lead to real effective results. One disadvantage is that it may not suit the oily skin because it itself is very thick and sticky. It is the best skin moisturizing cream for winters.

Best Skin Moisturizing Cream For Women

Oriflame Milk And Honey Gold Nourishing cream

As it’s ingredients indicate this product is highly effective. Milk and honey are being used since ages as beauty enhancers. Plus point of using this cream is that it is made up by mixing natural things. Milk and honey both work fantastically in their own ways. It can be used on hands, body,  face. It helps in nourishing the skin as well.

Oriflame Skin Moisturizing Cream for Women

Lakme complexion care cream

Lakme is a trusted brand. It not only moisturizes your skin but also helps in protecting from the effects of scorching heat such as sunburn, tanning etc. Tanning is a major problem in India for women, it darkens the skin tone. But Lakme complexion comes as a savior and protects your skin from damage.So it is the best skin moisturizers for women.

Best skin Moisturizing Cream for Women

Dove silky nourishment cream

Dove works as an excellent moisturizer for mostly all skin types. It is made up by essential oils which are good for your skin for the nourishment purpose.

Skin Moisturizing cream for Women

  • You can use this twice a day for good results. It also helps in softening the skin.
Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

We all know that Himalaya makes herbal products henceforth it is the trusted brand. It does not have any side effects which is a major plus point for this cream. Herbal products mean natural products made up by using natural ingredients such as lemon, wheat, tomato, white lily etc.

Himalaya Skin Moisturizing Cream for Women

  • It nourishes the skin as well as helps in renewing skin cells.
  • It suits every type of skin type is it oily, dry or normal.

Patanjali Skin Moisturizers

Whenever we hear Patanjali Ayurveda comes to our mind instantly. Today this is the most used, effective, an affordable brand with zero side effects. Patanjali moisturizers are an herbal preparation from swami Ramdev’s pharmacy.

Patanjali Skin Moisturizing Cream for Women

  • It works as a natural remedy for every type of skin without causing any skin damage.
  • Advantages of this cream are that it is available at a cheaper rate, is highly effective, no side effects and so much more.
  • This is the best natural skin moisturizing cream for women.

Best skin moisturizers in winters

  • Lakme skin gloss winter
  • Himalaya skin nourishing cream
  • Ponds

General tips to use skin moisturizers for Women

Our facial skin is the most delicate part of our body. We have to be extra careful before using any cream. You can use skin moisturizers twice a day depending upon the type of your skin.

  1. Take a little amount of cream and rub onto your face.
  2. You can use it after a shower and before sleeping at night.

Choosing the right moisturizing cream can lead to wonderful results. Above mentioned creams are the best all you have to do is to choose them wisely and wait for the results. You really need moisturizers to naturally hydrate the skin. Moisturizers help in nourishing the skin. Thus, buy the best skin moisturizers and wait for the awesome results.

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