Best Skin Moisturizers For Men

Best Skin Moisturizers For Men – Still looking for best Skin moisturizing cream brands for men in India of 2016 and 2017? Gone are those days when only females were conscious about their skin. Now things have changed a lot and why shouldn’t it be? Men too have a sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of. They no longer shy away from using such products as they used to do before. Reason being mindset of people have changed now. Beauty and skin care are no longer mandatory for only women. Also in India, there are several skin moisturizers for men available which any boy, an adult can use.

Best skin moisturizers for men

Who doesn’t want a healthy skin? Lifestyle has changed totally; pollution is increasing day by day. As a result, it affects the skin a lot. So for protecting men skin, there are wide varieties of skin moisturizers available in the market.

Why should men use skin moisturizers?

It is a cliché that men do not require such products as they have tough skin. Tough skin too needs to take care of. If we will not care for our own skin then who will do? With increasing age skin starts showing symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, loosened skin etc. We cannot stop them from coming at all but we can slow down this process so that we do not have to face them at an early stage.

Not caring the skin can also lead to the cracks in the skin, dull skin, darkened skin. So to prevent all these men should use skin moisturizers.

Best Skin moisturizers for men (Best Skin Moisturizing Product Brands for Men)

There are numerous amounts of skin moisturizers for men available in the market nowadays but how to choose the right one is a pretty tough task. A good moisturizer helps you to get a healthy skin. Here below is the list of best moisturizers of top selling brands of India.

Arlak Myivan Moisturizing Cream

Best Moisturizing Cream for Men

It is one of the fast selling moisturizing cream for men in India. It consists of best ingredients which help in nourishing hard skin of men to the best level.

The Price of Product – Rs 149 Only.

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Pond’s Men oil control fairness moisturizer

Pond’s is considered as one of the most trusted brands in India which are also known for manufacturing quality skin moisturizing cream for men and is mentioned below.

Best skin moisturizers for men

  • Ponds is a name that we have been listening since our childhood. It absorbs the oil and ultimately ends up in giving a fresh look to the face. It moisturizes the skin, reduces the appearance of pores and makes skin look soft and glowing.
  • It is available at cheaper rates so anyone can afford it.
  • This moisturizing cream is worth giving a try at least once.

Garnier Men Acno Fight Pimple Clear Whitening cream

It is also the popular brand in India which almost 80 -90% of boys trust.

Best skin moisturizers for men

  • This is one of the best creams available nowadays in India. it works amazingly on the skin. It is really effective on acne and pimples.
  • It helps in removing tanning too ultimately resulting in clear skin.
  • Regular usage of this cream reduces the number of dead cells, moisturize the skin making it soft.
L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Active Oil Control Moisturizing Fluid

Best skin moisturizers for men

This is one of the top most selling products in India by L’Oreal.

  • Pros of this cream are that it makes your face look clear, spots free, removes dullness, uneven skin and much more.
  • It is available at affordable price.
  • It is one of the best fairness and brightening moisturizing creams for men in India.
  • A cream that will moisturize your skin as well as lighten the skin tone what more men could ask for?

VLCC Men Active Light Fairness moisturizer

Best skin moisturizers for men

  • If you have failed to find an affordable cream which suits your skin too then VLCC moisturizing cream could be a very good option for you.
  • Along with moisturizing your skin it also helps you to fight against the sun. As it comes with SPF(Sun Protection factor) content.
  • Isn’t that a good deal?

Fair And Handsome Fairness Cream For Men

Best skin moisturizers for men

  • Before making this cream the target audiences were men and their skin type and tone. As Indians are so obsessed with fair color companies started making creams which help in lightening skin tone and also helps in moisturizing the skin and make it look fresh like never before.
  • We have seen certain celebs advertising this product actively several times.
  • This product is good and definitely, deserves your try.

Oriflame North For Men Fairness Moisturizing Lotion

Best skin moisturizers for men

  • It has various advantages such as skin brightening effect as it is a fairness cream.
  • Helps in preventing wrinkles and slows down the aging process, reduces skin pigmentation to name a few of its benefits.
  • Give it a try!

Olay Men Revitalising Cream Moisturizer

Best skin moisturizers for men

Olay has been dealing with women products since long and we totally love Olay. But it’s men products are no less!

  • It helps in improving the skin texture, fights signs of skin fatigue, hydrates and energizes skin etc.
  • Active ingredients present in it are vitamins and ginseng extract.
  • It is really effective.


All of them are the best skin moisturizers in India. They will class up your look like never before.They are worth your try and trust you will not regret using them. All you have to do is to choose the right cream for your skin type to wait for the magic to happen!

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