Best Medicines For Hair Growth

Best Medicines For Hair Growth – Looking for best hair growth and regrowth medicine brands in India? Are you fed up of constant hair fall? Want to have thick and longer hair? Are your hair’s getting thinner? Having long and beautiful hair is a dream of billions around the globe. The unhealthy lifestyle is the reason why the hair issues are so common. The brittle strands to split ends! Growing of hair are no less than a challenge for all. Disorders related to hair are increasing. Know some of the best medicines for hair growth in India.

Best Hair Growth medicines

The market has multiple of options to disillusion you by saying these products are good for hair. Well, it not exactly true. How can applying chemicals help you in achieving the best natural results? Going for serums, shampoos and condition which are fully loaded with paraben and chemicals will destroy the hair. If you are suffering from high hair loss and want to grow hair, we have a good solution for you. In this article, we have described the best medicines for hair growth.

Best Allopathic, Homeopathy & Natural Medicines For Hair Growth In India

Many times you need to solve the issue by taking internal and external help. These medicines are a good way to have better growth of hair as well as healthy hair. We have described them in two sections – Allopathic & Homeopathy Medicines and Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines. Allopathic is based on pure science whereas homeopathy is a mix of science and nature. These two combine to give you better and best results regarding hairs products. Here are some of the best medicines for hair growth.

Arlak Hair Growth Tablets (Best Medicine for Hair gain)

best hair growth medicine

It is one of the best tablets which you can get rid of major hair loss problems. It consists of natural ingredients with which makes this product best.

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Minoxidil For Growing Hair Effectively

They are available in strong to mild solutions. It has active Regaine of 5% which helps in preventing hair loss. They show slow yet effective results when taken diligently.

Cortisone For Hair Loss and Other Hair Disorders

The treatment involves injections as shot, pill & ointments. If you are suffering from hair loss due to hair conditions like alopecia areata then it is best for you. The pills are said to be better than any other forms of growing of hair so far.

Kalium Carbonicum Homeopathic Solution For Hair Loss

Formed with potassium carbonate, Kalium Car is best for those who are facing thinning, frizzy and dry hairs. It should take only after advised by a homeopathic doctor.

Finasteride For Men Hair Growth

If you are facing balding in patches then it can be helpful. It will promote the growth of hair from the crown region. You will witness a fall in receding hairline. It is homeopathic medicine and should be taken after advice.

Silicea For Healthy Hair Growth

A good homeopathic medicine, Silicea is for the ones who are facing issues of healthy growth of hair. They are also called homeopathic cell salts’ as it is a part of the 12 tissue salts. It is made out of the sandstone and human tissues. The best part of it is that it nourishes the hair follicles effectively. you can find it in liquid and granules form.

Best Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines For Hair Growth In India

Going natural by adopting some good natural medicines are a good way of having best results. The Ayurveda has been a good contributor to bless with good options for hair issues.

Licorice Extracts

An Ayurvedic medicine, licorice is good for growth and other issues. They are affordable and easily available in the market. Licorice extracts are available in supplement form as well as topical form.

Rosemary Essential Oil

An herbal medicine for hair fall and growth, Rosemary is good for you. They promote good blood circulation and properties which help in reducing hair fall and thinning.

Sage Tea:

Use it as oil, tropical or supplements, sage tea has good effects on health and beauty. It is herb which is popular for treating hair fall to hair loss issues. The taste may be bitter but has good results for sure.


Use any of the medicine as per advice by the expert. While using homeopathic or allopathy medicines, it is advised to consult a doctor. They have a strict nature of suitability. It is good if it’s suitable for you but in case it is not, it can give nil to bad results like vomiting, headache etc. Ayurvedic and herbal medicines are safe from side effects except for the part if you are allergic to it. So be wise and use according to your use. I hope the article was of use to you. Please leave your precious feedback in the comment box. Thanks!

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