Best Hair Serums for Oily Hairs

Best Hair Serums for Oily Hairs – Do you own oily hair? Want best hair serum brands to protect your delicate hair from those dust particles? Hairs are of different types like that of your skin. Dry strands are easy to break and oily stands are difficult to maintain. Having such a nature, they are likely to attract more dust and dirt which makes hair dirtier. Invest in something better! Invest in best hair serums for oily hairs.

Hair serums are a good solution to every of your hair issue. Even though you may have oily strands, they can run out of moisture when you wash your hair. You would not like to apply oil as an alternative as it can make your hair greasy afterward. Serums are a good way to maintain the shine and keeping them clean most of the times. Applying a good brand is as necessary to achieve the results. In this post, you will know the best hair serums for oily hairs.

Hair Oil in India

Tips For Choosing and Using Hair Serums For Healthy Hair

Serums are good for your hair. They help get you quick absorption into the strands and scalp. The serums have crucial nutrients which help keep that mane shiny, glossy with being healthy. If you are thinking of saving money by applying oil, then it is bad. Oils are a good alternative for a good massage but not for all day application.

Serums solve this issue perfectly. They provide you with multiple of nutrients which are good for your mane. Here are some good tips for selecting and applying serums for lustrous hair.

  • Choose according to your need. If you have then strands, you would want a hair thickening serum which is thin on the application. Some give heat protection who styles their hair more often. Serums are also available for curly to straight hairs.
  • It is best to apply hair serum at the end and mid-section of hair.
  • The best time to apply hair serum is after washing.
  • Apply it directly to wet hair. This means no usage of the towel before application.
  • Take a coin size of liquid onto the palms.
  • Never use too much of serum as it could make your hair heavy and greasy.
  • Start the application from back moving to the front.
  • Always check the application of serum on your hair. Make sure it suits your hair. If you think it is not doing the right thing, change it right away.
  • If you have tangled hair, then you can apply it at any time.
  • Make sure that you distribute the serum equally on your palms. Go gently as you apply on the hair.
  • Remember they are meant to keep your hair healthy and tidy. No need to apply it on the scalp as they can block pores.

Top Selling Brands Of Hair Serums For Oily Hair in India

Worried about your oily hairs? Do the dirt and dust make your strands tangled and greasy? No worries, we have listed some of the best hair serums for oily hairs in India.

Arlak Hair Wealth Hair Serum

Arlak Hair serum

Arlak Hair Wealth has the best hair serum in India. It has a long list of good essential ingredients which are good for hair growth. These includes tee tree oil, rosemary oil, Benzophenone-4, Salicylic acid etc. they protect the hair from breakage and stimulated growth. It has active ingredients which will protect your hair from UVB rays maintaining the natural color. If you have dandruff, then no worries, this serum will handle it good very you.

Best Hair Serum in India

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Murtela Hair Serum

 Murtela Hair Serum

Our second choice for best hair serums for your oily hairs is by Murtela brand. It can be used by both men and women. The regular application is very effective and you will surely love its results. The ingredients contains aloe vera, vitamin Glycerin, Olus oil etc. It will help maintain the frizz which is a result of washing your hair. Helps controls the oil sebum to maximum for a healthy hair. It is available for a price of Rs850.

Livon Hair Serum

Livon Hair Serum

You have heard the name before in the ads. It is one of the brands which is globally known for its hair serums only. It is easily available on the market and next to your shop. The hairs get a soft texture with ingredients like CutiSoft formula and Vitamin E.

Hair & Care Silk-n-Shine

Hair & Care Silk-n-Shine

I simply love their ad, one of the main reasons I thought of using it. The brand endorses other hair products like oil and conditioner etc. This one is a favorite of many Indian houses. It is affordable and works well for the oily hair and scalp. The best part, it has a leave-in conditioner with vitamins derived from fruits.

Matrix Biolage Smoothing Hair Serum

Matrix Biolage Smoothing Hair Serum

Botanical extracts are the main reason which makes Matrix Biolage a good hair serum. The extracts include fruits like avocado & grape seed oils etc. If your hairs go through a lot of tangles, then it has the benefit of taming polymers. They light on hair & fragrance.


Hair serums are a good way of having a beautiful mane. Investing in a good serum will help you get rid of those dust and dirt which was harassing you. Oily hairs need good care and that does not mean regular wash. Frequent washes can rip your hair of essential nutrients. I hope the articles was of good use for you.

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