Best Selling Hair Serum in India

Best Hair Serum in India (Top Hair Growth Serum Brands) – Still looking for best hair serum brands in India of 2020 and 2021. If yes then you are at right place. Are your hairs rough, dry frizzy hairs and unmanageable?  Shut these up with best hair smoothing products!  You can never go out with bad hair ruining your best look. With pollution, sun rays and heat giving stress on your tresses, it is the major fight for hairs to fight. We would not ever like them to look like a bird’s nest. So we have brought you the best selling hair serum brands in India for natural growth.

Best Hair Serum in India

The market is flooded with products which can blow your mind and are worthy to pay for. If shampooing and conditioning are not giving those results, look for hair serums which will make them like silk. So in this blog, we are sharing some a list of best selling hair serum in India that can be used for your hairs. Just like those luring advertisements in the television and the magazines we all want those smooth and silky hairs which are soft with no tangles when we run our finger through those locks.

Best Hair Serum in India | List of Top Selling Hair Serums for Men and Women in India 2020 and 2021

Confused about which brand to go for? Sit back and relax as we showcase you some of the best hair serums for your Indian beauty hairs regime. Also, all the below-mentioned hair serums brands are listed with proper price list and can be used for both men and women.

Arlak Hair Wealth Serum (best Hair Serum for Rough & Frizzy Hairs)

Best hair Serum in India

This is the fastest growing brand in India. Which recently becoming one of best hair product of India. This product consists of best natural ingredients which make you choose this hair serum. This is the best product for natural hairs growth. This Hair wealth serum is applicable for all types of hairs like frizzy hairs, curly hairs or dry hairs. If you are having dry hairs or frizzy hairs then you can choose to buy Arlak Hair Serum.

Best Hair Serum in India

Price: Rs. 649 (Also get extra discount available on all online Orders)

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Murtela Hair Serum (For Dry and Oily hairs)

This consists of aqua, ubiquinone, linoleic acid, Dexpanthenol, hydroxyethylcellulose, glycerin, plus oil, PEG35 castor oil, inositol, perfume, propanediol, polyquaternium. These ingredients of this hair serum help in removing all the roughness and frizz.

The Price of This Product – Rs. 850

Murtela Hair Serum

Matrix Biolage Smoothing hair serum

This is one of the best selling hair serums in India due to its botanical extracts. This product has the benefits of avocado, grape seed oils and taming polymers which are known to entangle the hairs. Consequently, this is a product worth your time and money.

The Price of Product – Rs. 220 only

Matrix Biolage Hair Serum

  • The solution is light weighted and a small coin size amount is enough for the hairs to give full protection. The fragrance is light and not overpowering. This has less to null side-effects over other serums.
  • This serum is known to present you with high gloss and manageable finish on application. So the Matrix This comes on the top in a list of Bestselling hair serum in India.
Habibs Hair Serum for curly hair

Jawed Habib is a well-known world-class hairs expert. He introduced this product for our Indian beauties and is one of the best selling hair serums in India. The Price of this product is Rs 310 only.

Habibs Hair Serum

  • It is a product best for animal lovers as it is not tested on animals and is best for damp to dry hairs, rough, frizzy and dull hairs.
  • This product is affordable and handy to use, giving you smooth detangled hairs. So this product also comes in the list of best-selling hair serum.

Kérastase: Elixir Ultime Oleo

Kérastase Elixir Ultimate Oleo is a great product as it can be used as a regular oil as well as a conditioner. You can simply massage it or use it as the conditioner after washing. Hence, this could prove to be the best product that you have ever used.

The Price of this product – Rs 5771 only

Kérastase Hair Serum

  • It has a long lasting effect on the hairs post application for two days. Those who love to straighten their hairs but fear the damage; this is a great product as it reduces the amount of damage on heating and blows drying by acting as a perfect heat protectant.
  • You will see visible results of reduced frizz in hairs. Kerastase is the well-known name in best selling hair serum in India. 

Dove: Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum

Grown up with oils and want that benefit till now! Try the new product of Dove for oil lovers. This bottle has the goodness of vital oils- Almond oil, Sunflower oil, and Coconut oil.

The Price of This Product – Rs. 225 only

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum

  • Like the oil, this will nourish your hairs but will never give that shameful grease and sticky dust on your hairs.
  • The serum moisturizes the hairs and gives a good finish to frizz and dry hairs, making them soft and elegant as ever.
L’Oreal Paris: Professional Xtenso Serum

L’Oreal Paris Professional Xtenso Serum is a perfect product which repairs damaged hairs and protects them from further damage. Thus, you should definitely try this product. The Price of this product is Rs 570 only.

L’Oreal Paris: Professional Xtenso Serum

  • The liquid is not greasy and has a floral fragrance. It is good for ironing and blows dryers.
  • The packaging contains handy and easy to use pump dispenser. It leaves your hairs lustrous and smooth.
  • So you can also use this product which is best in India.

What are Hair serums & How it’s useful to you?

Most hair serums for curly hairs &dry hairs go unnoticed as people believe shampooing and conditioning are enough to make them beautiful. But you are wrong! Those can give you temporary results only which on drying can be felt. This is a revolutionary product which is silicon-based, carmine & amino acids which coat the hairs surface like a protective shield to protect from heat, dryness and sun exposure which makes them unmanageable.

Serums add shine and gloss and are a perfect hairs styling material especially for those who do “over styling” by fixing the hairs and keeping them away from tangles. Newly improved serums are lighter and more effective on the hairs which are a boon for those who have light and thin hairs. They have the broad spectrum which protects the hairs from UVA & UVB rays and light fragrance.

Types of Hair Serums Available in Indian Market

As we all Know Indian market is the main hub of all cosmetic and hair products. According to the top business tycoons, India is the second largest market all over the world. So you can get following types of hair serums in India and are as mentioned below

  1. If you have dry, rough & frizzy hairs then there are hair serum for dry hairs available in the market of different brands which you can choose.
  2. If you have Oily hairs then you can choose Hair serums for oily hairs which are available in Indian market of different top brands.

Benefits of Hair serums

Hair serums are like magic potions which will make your hairs look healthy from inside out. Below mentioned are the best benefits of hair serums that will make you buy one right away after reading. So check them out. These benefits will definitely compel you to buy the best hair serums and start using them anytime soon.

  • Moisturizes– Shampooing of hairs leads to loss of moisture which can leave your hairs dry and frizzy hair. Adding oil to those locks is a bad idea. Oil will make your hairs greasy and attracts dust particles which can destroy your hairs from inside. These serums are light and non-sticky which is great from inside out.
  • Protects– Hair serums protect your hairs from rough weather, pollution, dust, heat and changing environmental conditions. Hair serums protect the hairs from sun damage from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Shines- Hair serums add shine and entangle the hairs giving them a smoother and rich look to your dull and lifeless hairs. It makes the hairs glossy and gives an appearance of lustrous hairs.
  • Great hair styling material– Serums reduces the effects of over styling. The continuous heat and styling of hairs will lead to thin hairs and falling of hairs; hair serums protect it from those harsh treatments.

Does All the Hair Serum are Same for Every Hair Types

Well, now the question arises that does all hair serums are same for all hair types? The answer is NO. Hair serums may vary from types of hairs. If you have dry hairs then you have to choose hair serum for dry hairs. If you have oily hairs then you have to choose hair serums for oily hairs. So that you can get best effective results.


Hair serums are very important these days it will protect your hairs from further damage which results in hair fall, thinning of hairs and falling of hairs. Acts as a conditioner, sun blocker, oil and moisturizer to your hairs giving a shiny personality which we all want. Above mentioned are the best product for natural hair growth. So, go ahead and choose anyone that suits your hair type and wait for the amazing results they have to offer.

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