Benefits Of Tulsi Leaves

Benefits Of Tulsi Leaves – Are you thinking of using tulsi leaves? Want to know its benefits? Some of the known herbs of the ancient world have been perfectly described by holy basil which is tulsi. The sacred herb is a common plant that you will see in any Hindu house especially the religious ones. Practically, they are more than a just idol that is worshipped all over the nation & worldwide. Want to know the benefits of tulsi leaves in your daily life?  We bring it for you.

Tulsi leaves have many benefits besides protecting you with its bright aura, they have been scientifically been found to be very effective for health. We have enlisted some of the health benefits of tulsi leaves for you and your family.

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Know About Tulsi Leaves

The sacred leaves have been worshipped since ancient times and are regarded holy by the Hindu family. If you are one of them, then you surely know the importance of having one at home. Even the mythology has its name prescribed in the textbooks. The name of the plant has been derived from the goddess, Tulsi which is seen as an earthly manifestation of her.

When you came across a tulsi plant, you may observe the difference of colours which goes from green, dark green to purple:

  • Green leaves are known as fortunate Tulsi or Shri Tulsi which is a synonym of Lakshmi.
  • Dark Green or Purple Leave and Stem Tulsi are called Krishna Tulsi.

Tulsi means “incomparable plant” which is of great importance for religious as well as medicinal purposes. Get to know the benefits of tulsi leaves for your health and body.

Top Advantages Of Tulsi Leaves for Health

Quickly have a look at some of the top advantages of consuming holy basil for you and your family. You can appropriately use it daily for consumption or add to your menu list to derive e the good benefits:

Storehouse Of Nutritional Value!

Tulsi has been linked up with some of the best nutritional benefits which make it good for consumption. If you considering it, then it is the best decision you won’t regret. Here have a look:

  1. It has Vitamin A, C, E, K
  2. Minerals Like Iron, manganese, Copper etc.
  3. Phytonutrients.
  4. Other Vitamins like Niacin.
  5. Protein, Fibre and much more.

 Benefits Of Tulsi Leaves

Advantages of Having Tulsi For Health

Whether you are a child, infant or an aged person, tulsi is very effective in solving a wide array of problems. They are effective and very safe for consumption. It is known as a good immune strengthener. Devouring two to three leaves in a day on empty stomach can help you stay away from the wide option of health ailments which are as follows:

  • Tulsi leaves have been used since ages for a curing cough, cold and sore throat problem which are very effective during winters.
  • Basil leaves have anti-viral properties which help fight viral infections & fever.
  • They help cure various diseases like malaria, dengue, asthma and much more.
  • The leaves have antiseptic properties help heal cut & wounds & ulcers too.
  • Prevent and cure stomach problems like gastric, Constipation and acidic problems
  • It helps smoothen up the digestive system and cure bloating.
  • A person with kidney stones can benefit out if it.
  • Ideal for diabetic patients as it helps control blood sugar level.
  • It is good for the heart and many cardiac issues.
  • Basil leaves ar considered good for eye disorders like night blindness, boils, sore eyes & conjunctivitis.
  • Ideal for weight loss treatments.

Advantages for Children Of Using Tulsi Leaves

Children and especially infants can benefit out of tulsi leaves. They are safe for usage and effective in solving a lot of health issues for kids. thus, they considered a great remedy for little ones.

  1. Prevent Chicken pox or small pox.
  2. Common paediatric issues like cold, cough and much more can solve it.
  3.  Worm problems in the stomach can be solved through it.
  4. Help keep teeth problems at bay.

Advantages of  Holy Basil For Hair

Magical properties in holy basil help hair grow into the long, smooth and lustrous mane. If you are going through hair issues or want a good quality of hair, then why use a chemical to have results when you can use all natural remedy for getting it right.

  • Good for solving hair fall and hair loss.
  • Helps cure dry and damaged hair.
  • Cures issues like dandruff and many hair disorders.
  • Help prevent grey hair and premature greying.
  • Ideal for hair thinning issues.

Advantages of Tulsi For Skin

Surprised! Tulsi is actually great for your skin and if you ask you, grandma, she will tell you how. They are fully loaded with anti-oxidants and Antiseptic and anti-healing properties and much more. They will help heal your skin and get that clear & glowing skin. If you are going through skin diseases, holy basil makes a great home remedy which is effective.

  1. Helps heal cuts, wounds & rashes especially in cases of skin allergy.
  2. Cure open pores.
  3. Prevent Vitiligo which are white patches on the skin.
  4. Skin irritation, inflammation & allergies can be cured.
  5. Preventive for acne, pimples, breakouts and blackheads.


Tulsi leaves or basil leaves are very effective in being a good home remedy for almost every of your household problems which can be solved easily through it. Always remember to pluck leaves during the daytime before the sun sets as it is considered the best time. Always use fresh leaves for maximum benefits.

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