Benefits Of Safed Musli

Benefits Of Safed Musli – Looking for health benefits of Safed Musli or all types of best Musli capsules for good health? Want to know the advantages of consuming this magical herb? Safed Musli and Safed musli capsules or products are healing herb which has huge advantages for the health in general. Consequently, they have been used by millions to solve an array of problems especially if it is related to sexual wellness. But you must also know the safed musli dosage information well in hand. In this, a blog you will read about the benefit of Safed Musli for you.

Our Indian Ayurveda has deeply described the benefits of Safed Musli in improving physical strength, stamina, sexual wellness and advantages of Gynecology use. Wait! There is more than this which will be discussed in this blog. We are sure after reading these benefits of Safed Musli you will definitely get compelled to buy and use this.

Know About Safed Musli

Safed Musli has many names which are White Musli, Indian Spider Plant, Chlorophytum Borivilianum, Swetha Musli, Asparagus Adscendens and Dhol Musli and safed musli. They are a thorny plant which is being used for medicinal and therapeutic. In addition to it, the part of the plant that we use is the tuberous roots and their seeds. Therefore, they have been hugely appreciated in an Ayurvedic aphrodisiac formulation which uses the roots and is commonly known as Musli Pak.

 Benefits Of Safed Musli

Ancient textbooks have had this natural herb prescribed in it for its good results. Ayurveda’s concept of Brihana or nourishing therapy has been intensively using benefits of Safed Musli in their treatment. They are regarded as a natural alternative to chemical filled substances like Viagra etc for stimulating sex and impotence. They are available as natural tonics and can be found in powder and supplements forms too.

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Benefits of Safed Musli
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Tips To Use Safed Musli For Good Health!

Safed Musli can be of huge benefits but still, it is advised to use it wisely if you want the best results sooner. We give you good tips to use Safed Musli for consumption purposes:

  • If you a breastfeeding mother or a pregnant lady, then it is advised to ignore consumption during the time period.
  • It is advised to have a doctor consultation after 3 months as they are not recommended for long-term term use.
  • Consult the doctor before starting on consuming for better results as Safed Musli is one subject which is not passed by Food and Drug Administration or FDA yet.
  • It is advised to take 16mg to 32mg per kg body weight.
  • Or, 1.1g to 2.2g dosage for those who weigh 150lbs.
  • Avoid the overdose and go with the instructions written behind if you are using supplements.
  • They benefit the most when used with warm milk & sugar. Therefore, you can consume safed musli with milk also.
  • People with Kapha aggravation should ignore this as it increases Kapha in the body.

Top Advantages of Consuming Safed Musli (Health benefits of Musli)

India is known for its huge cultivation of Safed Musli due to which countries like the USA, Gulf &Europe has been importing dry roots of this magical herb. What makes it so desirable? Know the benefits of Safed Musli to know this:

Safed Moosli for Sexual Wellness:

Safed Musli is hugely known as a sex tonic and Ayurvedic Aphrodisiac compound by many. They are ideal for men especially and can be used by women also. They are also called Herbal Viagra by many! It also helps in increasing sexual time and helps in enhancing performance.

Safed Musli Benefits

  • It helps improve Male Weakness.
  • Helps in cases of Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction due to the presence of Rho-Kinase II (ROCK-II).
  • It helps to increase sperm count.
  • Reduces frigidity in women.
  • If you are going through vaginal dryness, then this herb can provide lubrication.
  • Cures premature ejaculations.
  • Help boost urge for sex in both males and females.
  • You can also use safed musli for testosterone enhancement.

Chlorophytum Borivilianum for Neurological Health

The mental health gets improved with this consumption which is a huge benefit of Safed Musli which are as follows.

  • It helps relieve Stress & Depression.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Improves Sleeping Disorder.
  • It has mind-calming property.

White Musli For Physical Fitness

The use of Safed Musli has shown good effects on the body keeping which are as follows:

  1. Good for Bodybuilder and athletes.
  2. Help fight fatigue and physical weakness.
  3. Helps gain more healthy weight which makes it ideal for underweight people.
  4. Ideal for bodybuilders as they help muscle gain.

Safed Musli Is a House Of Medical Properties:

It would not be wrong to call Safed Musli as a house of the medical properties like.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Antacid Properties
  • Aphrodisiac Properties
  • Androgenic Properties
  • Many more

Other Benefits of using Safed Musli Capsules & Other Types of Products

Safed Musli also has many other benefits apart from the one discussed above. If you are suffering from any problem in your sex life then it is must to use Musli and its products. Know the health benefits of Safed Musli are as follows:

  •  Improves Immunity and Stamina.
  •  They have been found good for cancer/diabetes & arthritis patients.
  •  Safed Musli products help to cure natal and postnatal problems.
  •  They improve the quality of milk in lactating mothers.
  • Regulate menstrual cycle.
  • Control weight and avoids the obesity.

Demand Of Safed Musli In India

The demand for dried Safed Musli roots is 500 tones in India. Because Safed Musli is very popular for its medicinal property, it is famous as Divya aushadhi and ayurvedic plant as well. The roots of it can be helpful for the preparation of nutritive tonic is beneficial in general sexual weakness. The roots contain some chemical content as well. There are many other therapeutic uses of Safed Musli where the dry tubers are used as a curative for pre-natal and post-natal illness and a health tonic etc.

What are the Safed Musli side -effects?

Consuming Safed Musli in the right amount at the right time will cause no side -effects or harm to your body. But overuse or over-consumption can lead to negative side -effects. However, there is no specific harm in consuming it. But pregnant women and the weak person should avoid using it for better purposes.


Safed Musli is some of the best-known herbs which have been in demand for ages! And after knowing safed musli benefits, you can use as per the dosage but be careful and wise enough to consult a doctor or physician first to avoid complications later. I hope the blog was knowledgeable for you in some way or the other. These were the best benefits of Musli so go ahead and now buy the Musli products to avail the benefits it has to offer.

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