Benefits Of Karela Juice

Benefits of karela juice – “Karela juice popularly known as king of benefits”. Being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it helps in boosting our immunity levels and brain health. And also is a great source of vitamin A. karela juice is made from bitter melon- A roughed skin fruit. “Karela is known for its bitter taste”. Not only this it has a big hand in improving skin and lowering the blood pressure. Karela comes in different varities and the best thing to know about it is all the varities are good for making karela juice and has similar benefits.

Benefits Of Karela Juice

How to make karela juice?

For making fresh karela juice you need to follow these steps.

Take a bitter melon and then blend it with water. In order to avoid its bitter some add a little salt or lemon juice to it. Make sure you donot add anything else for flavor as it will not benefit you as the pure juice will.

Goodness of karela juice

Being the hub for various nutrients such as zinc, vitamin A, fiber, fat, protein and potassium karela juice share many other benefits to our body as well. It also helps in tissue healing, immunity boosting and maintaining the brain health, and tissue healing. Not only this it helps in maintaining the skin health and eyesight being a good source of vitamin A. One cup of the karela juice is good enough for the better digestion as well as it is very rich in fibers. Karela juice is also regarded as best for controlling the blood sugar levels.

Karela juice- Health benefits

“Karela is known as king of benefits”. Karela is beneficial to us in many ways let us star some of them.

  • Reducing blood sugar levels:  Having glucose reduction properties, karela juice helps well in lowering the blood sugar level. Hence, if you suffering from diabetes than there is no other good option than karela juice, mark my words. Karela juice contains Polypeptide-p which helps the cell and the tissue to absorb the body sugars well hence protecting you from the risk of diabetes and maintaining the healthy blood sugar level.
  • Healthy skin: “Karela wins over the unhealthy skins”, it is rightly said as karela juice works magically for those who have unhealthy skins. It is treated as beauty aid by many beauticians as well. IT enhances the glow of your skin. Being rich in vitamin C, pro vitamin A and antioxidant properties, karela juice helps well in healing wounds and is vital for healthy skin. As tested on rats, it has been noticed that karela juice helps in faster wound healing.
  • Other health benefits: Weight loss is one of the biggest problems that can be cured with the help of karela juice. Because of low in calories and high in fiber , karela juice serves well for the purpose. As fiber moves slowly through our stomach it helps us in staying full for long and as a result it decreases hunger which decreases the food intake as well. “Karela juice is best at taste, if you want to lose weight”
  • Cancer-fighting properties: It has also been noticed that karela is very beneficial for fighting the cancer too. Karela juice is said to have cancer-fighting properties and helps in killing the cancer cells in stomach colon, lung, etc. It also blocks the growth of cancer and even kills its cells.
  • Decrease cholesterol levels: High cholesterol levels can be a lot risky for your health. It increases the risk of heart diseases by building the fatty plaque in the walls of the arteries and making it tougher for the heart to pump blood.

Hence these all are the benefits related with the karela juice.

How can it be consumed along with food?

The juice can be made along with some other fruits and vegetables to enjoy high nutritional benefits.

You can also stuff ground meat and vegetables in it and enjoy it with black bean sauce.

There are many side effects also that are associated with the karela juice intake. As it is Rightly said that “Precautions are needed in taking precautions too” hence every good thing must be taken with care so as to avoid its side effects in future.

No doubts bitter melon has a lot of benefits to us but if taken in amount more than required can cause side effects as well. Stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea are some of the side effects caused due to excessive bitter melon intake. If you already taking blood sugar level medicines than before taking it you must consult the doctor before. And also if on medications of any other you must consult your doctor for once.

“High doses can never multiply the benefits”, same applies to karela as well. Hence, it is necessary to drink the juice in the quantity required by body.

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