Ayurvedic Medicines For Malaria

Ayurvedic Medicines For Malaria – Looking for best ayurvedic products to treat Malaria? If yes then you are at right place. As we all know that malaria is one of the most common and serious ailments, especially during the time of monsoon season. It has become the reason for many people to visit hospital or clinic again and again. But here we have a perfect ayurvedic treatment for you if you are suffering malaria. Now you don’t have to search for the hospitals or doctors and no need to visit a doctor. Here we have ayurvedic medicines for malaria. To know more, read below

Malaria has been caused by a bite of an Anopheles mosquito which infects you with parasites that can easily travel through the bloodstream disrupting the function of the various organ of the body. The parasites, once they enter the bloodstream, it spread the infection to the red blood cells and multiply within 48 to 72 hours. A person needs to be diagnosed as early as morning because it strikes your immunity level. So, if you re looking for the Ayurvedic cure for malaria, try these ayurvedic medicines.

Best Ayurvedic Medicines For Malaria In India

Talking about the malaria medicines, you may have seen many medicines or products in the market to cure malaria. But choosing the single or best product for yourself can be tough for anyone. Especially, when it comes up choosing the malaria product or medicine. Just to make it easy or simple for you, here we have a list of ayurvedic medicines which you can choose for malaria problem.


The best ayurvedic medicine which you can have for malaria problem. The medicine has many natural ingredients like papaya leaf, ayurvedic herbs which improve the immunity level of the person. The medicine is best for the treatment of jaundice and dengue also. It is beneficial for many other problems as well.

The price of the medicine is Rs 150


buy nowArlak TULSI DRYL –

Best syrup for the malaria disease. The medicine also treats the problem of dengue, heart disease and improves the immunity level. So, if you are looking for the best medicine for malaria, we suggest you choose this syrup.

The price of the product is Rs 69.



This is the best giloy juice which helps to cure the malaria problem. The juice is combined with two most beneficial plants indigenous. It helps to treat recurrent fever and helps to reduce the sign or symptoms of swine flu, dengue, and malaria. It is also effective against body aches and headaches.

The price of the medicine is Rs 270

Kapiva Giloy Juice


Very effective for malaria. You can choose this syrup as it helps to treat the acute, chronic fever and malaria including plasmodium Vivaz and Plasmodium falciparum. So, you can choose this medicine to cure your malaria problem. The syrup is ayurvedic and it will give you any kind of side effect.

QMAL-VEDAMalaria Mixture 

This is again the best syrup for the treatment of malaria. The name of the medicine itself is enough. You can choose this syrup also to cure the malaria problem. It is ayurvedic and does not give any kind of side effect.


Some Common Symptoms Of Malaria

Here are some common symptoms of malaria. The symptoms include high fever and headache, vomiting, feeling, nauseated, sweating chills in the body, anemia which is caused by the destruction of the cells, blood in stools and convulsions in serious condition. The other effect of malaria may include kidney failure, liver failure, pulmonary edema and brain infection if it is not treated on time.


If you face any of above-mentioned symptoms then you can face the malaria problem. Treat the problem in the beginning by choosing the best medicine. You can choose any of mentioned medicine We hope we provided you the best information. For more, feel free to contact us anytime.

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